Men’s basketball has high hopes of another successful season

Coming off a 23-8 season last year and only one loss at home, the men’s basketball team is looking to go even further into playoffs this season. With such a winning record, not only last year but in previous years as well, fans hold the team to an even higher standard and expect it to do better than before.

Head Coach Ken DeWeese said, “We have been fortunate to be successful for a dozen years. The desire to get better or advance further in the post season is always present. Otherwise, many teams will quickly pass us.”

With a close loss of 78-82 in its first exhibition game against Saint Edward’s University, there are still some things that the team is working on improving before the first conference game Nov. 28 against East Texas Baptist University.

DeWeese said, “We work on every facet of the game every day with the goal of improvement. Practice is crucial because the key to success is preparation.”

In order to meet the goal of making it into the playoffs and further than they have previously, the team is aiming to accomplish several things along the way.

DeWeese said the team wants “to compete, as a team, consistently well in the two key areas of defense and rebounding, and to continue to improve in those areas as the season goes on.”

Another aspect that will help gain the wins the team is  looking for this season is coming together as one unit.

“Teamwork is the most important ingredient to a successful team. … Everyone has to be on the same page,” senior shooting guard and exercise and sport science major Marlon Miller said.

Sophomore point guard and business management major James Allen also knows the only way the Cru can have an outstanding season is by becoming a cohesive team and working together as one.

“To have a successful season, you have to have teamwork. Without teamwork, you may win some games, but you won’t be successful,” he said.

With a new season underway, Allen is confident in the players they have and the work they have been putting in during practices.

He said,  “I think there are higher standards for the team being as good as we were last year. We shouldn’t lose to anyone in conference.”

Not only is the offensive side of their game important, but so is the defensive. They are also working to keep the teams they play against to the lowest number of shots and baskets as possible.

Miller said, “We are working on being defensively at our best and making it harder for our opponents to score.”

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Author: Brooke Morgan

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