Coldplay is back on the pop/rock music scene

With Mylo Xyloto reaching the number one spot on the charts in 30 countries, Coldplay has once again proved  they can construct an album people that love. Though its lyrics and melodies are catchy, the album is still typical Coldplay – except with a slight turn toward pop.

Band members said they wanted this album to be more acoustic than their previous one. Tracks like “Us Against the World” and “U.F.O.” give off a stripped-down feel as Chris Martin’s voice is accompanied by few instruments.

Other songs like “Hurts Like Heaven” and “Charlie Brown” give a fuller sound and could not be considered acoustic by the most liberal standards.

Whether the album is acoustic or not, it works. Breaking their own record of highest first-week album sales on iTunes, Coldplay sold more than 500,000 copies upon release.

Mylo Xyloto is supposed to tell the story of two lovers living out their relationship in the urban future.  The tracks progress along, carrying the listeners through the narrative of the lovers, Mylo and Xyloto. It’s an album that almost demands a tapping of the foot or a bobbing of the head while listening.

Where the album strays most from the band’s classic sound is on the track “Princess of China.” It’s a pop song featuring Rihanna with distinct beats but still maintaining Coldplay’s catchy “Oh” segments thrown in.

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For those who don’t like Rihanna, though, the song is a bust. The middle of the song is dominated by her singing about fighting in a relationship in typical pop song fashion, leaving listeners wondering why Rihanna is disturbing the flow of the album.

When the single “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” was released months before the album, it was clear that Coldplay was going to offer another crowd-pleaser. They delivered, perhaps with the song “Paradise” leading the way as a favorite track of the album.

Its orchestral backdrop combined with heavy bass and easy-to-follow melodies for the lyrics draws listeners to the story of a young girl dreaming of a perfect place.

The music video for the song might confuse fans as it features a person in an elephant costume traveling across England by bicycle and unicycle and ending in an African desert setting playing instruments with other friends dressed the same way.

What that has to do with a young girl’s vision of paradise is still unclear.

Though the album lacks much variation from what the band has always done, Coldplay fans will be pleased with the new album as their chart-topping ratings are already proving.


Author: Brittany Montgomery

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