Campus radio station may be returning after 40 years

Sophomore graphic design major Tyler Walker hopes to be involved with the potential radio station at the university. Photo by Kirby Franze.

Most students get online daily to use tools such as Pandora for music and Pintrest for decorating ideas, but what if there were an online tool designed specifically to keep students informed of campus activities and events?

This is something that Eddie Kahler, a sophomore senator of the Student Government Association and Christian ministry major, is trying to make a reality.

A campus radio station that would begin online for students to access and gather information from at all times of the day or night is now being considered.

More than 40 years ago, the school had a radio station, but it only lasted a very short time due to the high costs of equipment and air time.

Kahler said, “I had thought of the idea last year before I was elected to the SGA, just during campus run. I was thinking it would be cool if all the cars were on the same radio station. That and we had the radio on Play Day for a day which was really cool.”

He began putting the idea into action this past September and has been contemplating the many details and specifics that still need to be worked out in order to get the bill passed by the SGA senate.

Kahler said, “If the online station takes off, we might reevaluate and look at it and see if it’s worth spending the money to purchase the equipment for an on-air station. The online would be accessible anytime. Just like Pandora, you click on the link, and you’re listening to it.”

Although nothing has been approved as of yet, many of the SGA members think it would be a great benefit for them.

“Students are always saying they don’t hear about things. And so we’re always looking for ways to get the word out,” Director of Student Organizations Kristy Brischke said. “There are so many ways to get it, and I think that’s our problem. It used to be campus mail; you would go check your mailbox. Now it’s all over: chapel slides, channel four and Facebook, and so this is just one more way to get the word out.”

Brischke added that giving students the opportunity to host spots on the station might be a fun way to get them more involved.

She also hopes to have call-in talk shows, or girl chat as well as sports talk segments for listeners enjoyment.

Sophomore graphic design major Tyler Walker said, “A radio station would be a nice thing to always have playing in my apartment, to keep informed of things on campus. If possible, I would also guest DJ all the time.”

You can contact Kahler at

Author: Kirby Franze

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