Zombie apocalypse is real on “Dead”

By Katie Maze

Imagine Atlanta abandoned and overrun with drooling freaks hell-bent on eating human flesh. This is reality for the survivors of the zombie apocalypse in the TV show The Walking Dead.

After narrowly escaping a fiery death at the CDC last season, Sheriff’s Deputy and protagonist Rick Grimes decides to move his group of survivors.

His wife and son, other families and stragglers who have no one left, are a group of survivors transitioning from    Atlanta to Fort Benning. Where there are rumors of a colony providing protection and shelter.

“I’m so excited to see what is going to happen this season,” junior nursing major Kara Cornelio said. “When I watch it, I feel like I’ve stepped into another world that feels so real…and they have really good zombies.”

Two days after the escape from CDC, the convoy’s power source, a rusty Winnebago, breaks down at the foot of an abandoned traffic jam. A gridlock in   summer heat provides the perfect setting for tempers to boil and plot to unfold.

While searching through automobiles for supplies and clearing the road, a hoard of zombies approaches. Thinking quickly, Grimes tells everyone to hide underneath the stranded cars. Just as they thought all of the “walkers” had passed, a rogue zombie attacks 12-year-old Sophia. Instinctively, she runs into the nearby woods to escape.

Apparently, managing relationships, maintaining sanity and closeting affairs is complicated in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Sophia’s disappearance is the perfect catalyst for rising tension of how to search for her and whether or not they should be searching at all because it threatens the safety of the group by making it a stagnant target.

The search leads to a church where the search party questions the meaning of life during the apocalypse. After, of course, killing a few zombies.

“You really start to see the human side of the characters in this first episode,” Cornelio said. “Anybody can make a zombie movie, but the deeper meaning is what makes the show so good.”

As the incredible circumstance that brought this group of people together would have it, the episode ends when Grimes’ son Carl is struck by a bullet that passed through a deer.

In episode two, Otis, the shooter, leads Grimes and his wounded son to a farmhouse where a veterinarian and his family are Carl’s only chance of survival.

Shane, in a desperate attempt to reconcile his standing within the group, volunteers to run to an infested FEMA shelter where there are surgical tools the veterinarian needs to save Carl.

If opinions about Shane from season one were muddled, the last scene in episode three most definitely cleared the   water.

The episode ends when Shane shoots Otis in the leg in order to save himself from the walkers chasing them.

Carl’s state raises tough questions for the survivors. Should they “opt out”? Is there a life to be had in the midst of endless death?

When Shane arrives in just enough time to save Carl’s life, hope and light   begin to resurface as viewers eagerly await the next episode.


Author: The Bells Staff

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