Third installment brings nightmare and horror lacking in rest of series

By Terryn Kelly

The third installment of Paranormal Activity has arrived. This time, the camera documents young sisters Katie and Kristi as they come into contact with an evil entity for the first time.

The prequel allows the audience to see why the entities continue to plague the sisters when they reach adulthood.

This installment differs from the previous two sequels in many ways. The scares come sooner, and there are also some funny scenes.

The climax does not hit until the end of the movie, which is where the trailer says “The last 15 minutes will change your life forever.”

The movie was produced for an estimated $5 million. In its opening week, it managed to accumulate $54 million, which beat the sequel Paranormal Activity 2 last October. The movie is rated “R” and lots of children without their parents or without an ID saying they were 17 or older were being turned away in large groups.

Many said that in the previous movies, it had taken too long to get to the main point of the movie or for the scary parts to take place.

It seems as though the writers have taken note of what the moviegoers’ complaints were.

Within the first 30 minutes of viewing the film, screams could be heard throughout the movie theater, and the plot quickly began to take place.

Little sister Katie played by actress Chole Csengery is the first to come into contact with the evil entity Toby.

The writers play with the idea that smaller children are more prone to seeing ghosts  such as in Insidious. Katie is somewhat brave through the entire movie and does not seem to be bothered by the entity at the beginning.

Her big sister Kristi played by actress Jessica Tyler Brown also experiences the entity in different ways, and Toby is not fond of her. After some unnerving nights in the house, the family decides to stay with the grandmother in hopes of being removed from the hauntings, although is not help.

Even though Paranormal Activity 3, just as the ones before, doesn’t possess all of the special effects or copious amounts of gore, it still manages to be one of the scariest movies I’ve seen all year.

The movie allows the audience to sit and wait in anticipation about what they think may happen next.

Junior cell biology major John Mabane said, “A good aspect of the movie was the element of surprise.”

The end of the movie is truly a surprise. Those who thought it would end in the same way Paranormal Activity 2, were wrong.

The writers Christopher B. Landon and Oren Peli, knew that the audience would try guessing how the story would end, and they threw most viewers, including myself, for a loop.

There are no problems with this movie, but it does raise  some questions. What will become of it? Only so many prequels and sequels can be done on a movie until the entire story gets played out, such as Saw and Nightmare on Elm Street. One must wonder if the similar story lines that go along with each movie in the series will get repetitive.

Until next October, fans will anxiously wait for the fourth installment of the Paranormal Activity franchise. I look forward to seeing what will happen next in the lives of sisters Kristi and Katie.

These movies have had married couples, children and pets being haunted. Maybe next time it will be the elderly.


Author: The Bells Staff

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