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[The Bells writer] got it wrong by ridiculing a “rock.”  It is not a “mundane issue” to belittle nor simply “insensitive,” nor something that just “happened,” but an outright racist issue.  It is not “just a name” for a Black person, as the Haskell County judge said.

Perry patronized the place.  No one put him in boxes; he put himself.  The writer points to those who indicated Perry’s “trouble with … race.”  Yet the governor himself brought up the topic of secession (what the Confederacy did, as its leaders said, to maintain slavery) without explicitly endorsing it.

He himself referred to states’ rights, historically code for segregated schools, etc.

He himself made Rush Limbaugh, someone laden with racist remarks, an honorary Texan.

He himself is the sole person who somehow felt compelled the other day to refer to the Black person Cain as “brother,” twice.  He didn’t say “I love you, brother,” to Newt nor “sister” to Michele.  He himself said the federal government has gone too far “protecting civil rights.”

Christianity needs more practicing here and elsewhere.  I propose that one of the four required chapels be a service component in the community.  Now that’s a “distinctive” for UMHB, since “distinctives” are currently bandied about.

A Christian practice component would make our university stand out in a positive and constructive way among other Christian colleges.

Jesus said in Matthew, chapter 22, that the second great commandment after loving God is to “love your neighbor as yourself,” and most importantly that on such “hang all the Law and the Prophets.”

He specified doing for “the least of these,” and elsewhere further specified the poor, the sick, and such.

Instead we see cutbacks for the poor, sickly health care in Texas, proposed cuts for college aid, slashing of K-12, cuts at food banks, cuts in children’s Head Start, recent candidates exhorting “Reload” and “macaca,” while current audiences cheer for a border fence that electrocutes, dismiss a gay soldier, applause Perry’s 234 executions, and cheer that the sick be left to die.

Those are non-Christian acts and The Bells should be writing against that, and for Christian acts, and the more discussed the better.

Jose Martinez, Ph.D.
Sociology Professor



Author: The Bells Staff

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