Lacrosse club looking for more members

One of the most recently chartered clubs on campus focuses on the sport of lacrosse. On Oct. 11, the Student Government Association allowed the organization to have a school affiliation.

One of the members of SGA, junior social work major and Internal Vice President Caitlin Hiett thought the new club would be a good addition to campus.

“I saw the passion and love that the students had for lacrosse at the SGA Senate meeting. It could really bring a lot of people together throughout our whole campus,” she said.

Heitt saw how important the lacrosse team was at her high school and thinks it will be the same at the university.

“In high school, lacrosse was a big deal. Just like intramurals, it brings a lot of people. I think the same support will occur for the lacrosse club,” she said.

Freshman psychology major Jonas Lanier is one of the founders. His passion for the sport is what drove him to bring it to campus.

“I fell in love with lacrosse five years ago, and I have had so much success due to my teammates pushing me,” he said. “I feel like UMHB needs a new sport to help the other students that have no sport to get out and learn a new sport, meet new people and have fun winning.”

Currently the club has 14 members, but they are hoping to grow the group. It would be ideal for the team to have at least 20 players before competing against other schools.

Lainer has high expectations and the members that are a part of it.

“Most of all is to get as many people around UMHB to be interested in lacrosse. (We want) to win of course, to get people to be able to play as one team and make at least one connection with a teammate or coach,” he said.

With the club just recently forming, members know this year will be mostly about getting the basics in order, so in future seasons they can be a competitive team.

Lainer said, “First year is getting things together, but next year is championship.”

Freshman political science major Jonathan Irish has been playing lacrosse since middle school and is excited that this sport has come to campus.

“The club will give the students something new and innovative since lacrosse really isn’t well known to that many people. It also gives guys a different sport to choose from if they want to become involved in a sport on the club level,” he said.

Not only does Irish want to be successful with the club, but he also hopes to help other students get there as well.

“I really just wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself, and really just to get involved with something that I think I can succeed in and help others succeed as well.”

Members encourage other students to get involved with the team even if they don’t know anything about the sport. They will give instruction in how the game is played and everything that goes into being a lacrosse player.

Irish said, “We also want to teach other guys who haven’t played, the fundamentals and the right way to play the game.”


Author: Brooke Morgan

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