Fitness challenge gets students involved

Campus Recreation and the staff of Mayborn teamed up to bring the campus the Fright Night fitness challenge in the gym.

Twelve Students competed for a Subway gift card and the glory of being an exercise champion.

The challenge happened Oct. 26  and was a 10-minute competitive workout based on the CrossFit principle, which  is a strength and conditioning regimen used by athletes.

Competitors were divided into male and female groups and by classification. In ten minutes each participant was expected to perform a workout routine.

Each round consisted of 10 pushups, 20 air squats, 15 sit ups and five burpees.

Junior elementary education major Meredith Davis said, “I thought it was going to be easy. It just didn’t seem like there was to be a lot to do because there were only four things. Whenever you actually got into it, it got really tough, and it wore me down real quick.”

The arduous workout left the competitors breathless and sweaty. The students were evenly matched and all completed five or six rounds in ten minutes.

Senior exercise sport science major Logan Chaney said, “I had seen the workout on TV so I do know it was tough. Those guys pace themselves, so I went in and paced myself. … It was rough, though. I was just as tired after 10 minutes as I am after a 45-minute workout.”

The challenge was meant to test participant’s fitness levels, but winner of the senior bracket public relations major Sam Williams thinks his mental toughness was also crucial to his success.

“It was a test of mental strength along with your physical strength. It always helps to be fit. You just have to be tough on all aspects. Motivation makes me tough,” he said.

The participants enjoyed the competition.

The staff of Campus Recreation and Mayborn wanted to promote healthy life styles by making workouts fun.

Director Sue Weaver said, “This gives the students an opportunity to work towards a goal, showcase their talent and compete to see how they stack up.”

A very important goal of Fright Night was to instill community.

Assistant Director of Mayborn campus center Stephen Morton said, “It is a fun event to get people to compete and a different kind of workout. … We are just trying to create things for students to do and get involved. I see it as an event promoting community within the campus and fellowship and, of course, incorporating fitness into it.”

Before the Thanksgiving holiday staff members of Campus Recreation and Mayborn are planning a contest called Holiday Hoops.

Morton said, “Holiday Hoops is a three-point shoot out kind of like an NBA all-star shoot out. We’re also going to have impromptu games of knockout. We are going to continue and have at least three or four events each semester around Mayborn.”

Even though only 12 students competed in the fitness, challenge the participants had a lot fun.

“I’m glad I did it,” Williams said. “Even though I didn’t plan on it. I think I would do it again next year.”


Author: Ethan Mitra

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