Career Services website adds more helpful features

When graduation time rolls around, most people go into a state of shock with the pressure of finding a job and guiding their career paths into a decent direction.

While this process is certainly nothing to yawn over, the university offers helpful resources to give graduates some assistance.

Career Services Online, a website the school provides to help students and give guidance during the job-finding procedures, has recently added a new feature, which is called Cru Connection.

Before, there was a box on the home page of Career Services that read “Recent Jobs.” The new feature will replace that, allowing only those with a UMHB number and email address to log in and view jobs.

Director of Career Services Don Owens said, “Right now, these jobs are on the World Wide Web, so anyone can look at these jobs, and we don’t want that. We only want our students and our graduates to look at these jobs.”

Owens explained that students will have to register online with Career Services and then will be able to view jobs and also upload their resumes so that employers can view them and can arrange an interview if desired.

Career Services is a viable backup plan for a graduate who might have to face the ugly reality of not getting their dream job.

Among several helpful tools, the website provides alternative ideas, preparations for interviews and information on students’ success stories about jobs they procured after graduation.

Owens said, “It’s called Cru Successes. Looking at this, one can see that we have graduates who are now working with HoneyWell, a Fortune 500 company. Jenna Keif is a new intern at Scott and White hospital. That was what she wanted to do.”

Career Spots is another feature that Career Services Online provides students. It has 24-hour access to short video clips of how to put together a resume or a cover letter.

Helpful reminders that may seem simple happen every now and then, such as turning off a phone during an interview, writing a thank-you note and being nice to the secretary. All are variables when someone is job searching.

Secretary of Career Services D’Andra Lusby said, “I think some students truly believe they don’t need Career Services. We’ve had alumni come back and comment that they wish they’d used us earlier. Though we are not a job placement office, we can help cast your job search net even farther.  The best way to real-world job search is to implement a vast network to help in your search. The wider your network, the wider your search. Let CS be part of your network.”

The site lists the areas hiring in every degree, who the employer types are and then strategies of things to do before graduation to make one more marketable.

Senior finance and accounting major Alexandra Borgeson said, “I do use CSO when browsing for jobs or part- time jobs. I like seeing all the jobs that we as students and future graduates have an opportunity at. It makes me happy and gives me the feeling that the job market is better than the media makes it out to be.”


Author: Kirby Franze

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