Intramural sports: one ends another begins

It’s that time of year again, where sweat, touchdowns and dodging flag grabbers are the names of the game. 

The season began Sept. 5 and finished Oct. 13 with the championship game. Every Tuesday and Thursday night, teams competed for the coveted Flag Football Championship T-shirt and title.

Soccer and volleyball will be starting soon, and registration is open until Oct. 20. Students can sign up online at or by going by the Campus Recreation office.

The intramural football season kicked off with 12 teams, six of which went to playoffs. The teams that made it to the playoff round were The Sader Saints, The Stepdads, Show Me Ya TD’s, Beauty and the Beastly, Balls and Dolls and Scared Hitless.

Senior marketing major and intramural coordinator Andy Pipes said this season was a success.

“We had some great teams during flag football.…The talent level was through the roof this year, and a lot of great teams made playoffs, while a bunch of other teams played great, but just fell short.”

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman won  first place in the men’s team division. For the co-ed league, Beauty and the Beastly took home the championship title. 

Pipes explained that the winners of both the co-ed and the men’s teams will travel to Nacogdoches for the regional tournament where they will compete against 120 other universities from around the region.

Injuries have been kept to a minimum throughout this season with only a few pulls and sprains and a rolled ankle here or there.

 During the last week in playoffs, a player received a nasty cut to the eye during a play and had to be taken to the hospital for stitches.

Although injuries happen, it is not uncommon for athletes to have pregame  rituals to help them play better or win. Intramural sports are no different.

Junior engineering major Phil Horwitch eats what is called a Bubba Tater before each game.

He said, “It is just an amazing baked potato. Nothing is like it. Everything on it is amazing, and it fills you up. I think playing on a full stomach is always a plus.”

The team Scared Hitless also has a pregame tradition.

Senior cell biology major and coach of Scared Hitless Jared Welch said, “We pray before every game, and the whole team does it. We are a serious and competitive team, but we also like to have fun at the same time.”

Junior economics major and Balls and Dolls player Frank James enjoyed the flag football season even though they didn’t win.

He said, “In my opinion,  …we didn’t expect to do as well as we did.”

Author: Kirby Franze

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