Crowder band says goodbyes

Millions of fans were disappointed to hear that the Grammy nominated and Dove award-winning David Crowder Band was disbanding after playing more than a decade together. 

The group began in 1995. Lead vocalist David Crowder realized that many Baylor students were not attending church, so he and fellow band member Chris Seay started the University Baptist Church in Waco.

The band’s song “Rise Up” became Baylor’s theme song for football games.

As the church grew, Crowder began writing songs to include in the worship service, and eventually the church released an independent CD called Pour Over Me and many more followed. 

Soon the band became extremely popular, earning spots on the Billboard 200 and the iTunes top downloads.

Their albums became a mix of bluegrass, folk, alternative and worship, woven together with electronic undertones. They began winning awards and released a total of six albums.

It was early May of this year that band members decided to call it quits for a number of reasons.

After finishing their sixth album, they couldn’t really see what would follow next. Some members wanted to spend more time with their families, start writing, go back to school, pursue ministry opportunities or work on other music.

In the end, it was unanimous among the group to retire.

Fans were surprised but understanding about the band’s decision. 

Junior youth ministry major James Griffith said, “They weren’t a band I would say I followed, although one I greatly respected, so I was only a bit grieved when I heard they weren’t going to make any more albums together. I certainly don’t think they will soon be forgotten.” 

Students agreed they will miss the band but their music would live on.

Sophomore nursing

major Kaylynn Armstrong said, “I wasn’t too heartbroken, but they have made some great music through the years, and I will be sad to see them go.”

College students have been listening to David Crowder since they were in middle school. 

Junior psychology and communication major Jasper Gates said, “I got interested in David Crowder Band when we used to play a lot of their stuff during worship, and my mom got me a CD of theirs, so I started listening to them. It was Illuminate, a good album. And so, during junior high, I started listening and following them a lot.”

The band will soon be giving a three-month national tour to say their goodbyes to fans.

It is called The 7 Tour and has been highly anticipated.

 They will perform with other Christian artists such as Gungor, Chris August and John Mark McMillan.

According to their web site, the shows will hit more than 30 clubs and theaters across the U.S. 

Many concerts have already been sold out, but Crowder encourages fans to come to their final concert Jan. 2 in Atlanta.

Armstrong said, “I wasn’t planning on going to their farewell concert, but I have seen them in concert before, so I’m sure it will be a great show and a great experience for those who choose to attend.”

Author: Jenna Magness

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