CFO offers financial advice to lower income families in community

Helping Hands Belton has many different programs that provide clothes, food, household items and some financial assistance. One program that is a recent addition is a budgeting and finance class, which is taught by the university’s Collegiate Financial Organization.

Associate Executive Director Rucker Preston said, “In this case with the business school coming, they are specifically meeting a need. They are not just dropping off food. Not to say that is not needed. But they are coming to help clients in a specific way that is needed.”

CFO is a student-led organization and is available to accounting, finance, economics and international business majors and minors. The focus of the organization is preparing members for the business world and facilitating a unique ministry to the poor.

Dean of the College of Business Dr. Jim King said, “Broadly speaking, I feel that they represent us very professionally…They also portray us as having a heart because of their service mentality. I think it is important that businesses be seen as being engaged in the profession, but also having a heart for those in need.”

Once a month, CFO members volunteer at the Helping Hands food bank and teach a budgeting and finance class. Students who are involved have received positive feedback from those enrolled in the class.

The group’s president senior accounting major Christine Snodgrass said, “We put together our pilot program last year. We taught our class on personal budgeting, loans, retail scams and credit reports. Last semester we taught three separate classes. It was so successful that they went before the board of Helping Hands and said we want to do this all the time.”

Instead of merely redistributing wealth, CFO in a way is redistributing education. 

Senior accounting major Bob Beckworth is convicted about working with the community. CFO’s involvement with lower income families in Belton is what prompted him to become a member.  

He said, “Last year they started working with the community with Helping Hands. Once they started to get involved, I really wanted to be a part and help out wherever I could.”

Continuing in the trend of charity, the annual CFO Christmas party will include wrapping gifts for children. 

CFO is dedicated to training members to be strong and professional business students. It is also equally dedicated to serving the poor through teaching.

Faculty sponsor Tiffany Mitchell said, “We are developing and growing and open for ideas. I like the fact that it is student led. I like that they are taking initiative to go out and fulfill the mission of our university.”

Author: Ethan Mitra

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