Seniors take home the title

Walton Chapel was packed last Friday night with alumni, parents and students who were watching Stunt Night.

The theme this year was reality TV,  so performances paid homage to many popular shows including American Idol, Survivor, Minute to Win It and So You Think You Can Dance.

Director of Stunt Night senior education major Shaina Ryan said, “I know that everyone on campus watches reality TV even if we won’t admit it. It is just something we can have a good time making fun of. It is fun, and it’s light.”

Having won three out of the last four years, it was no surprise that the coveted Judges’ Choice Award went to the seniors.

Their performance included returning senior nursing major Andrew Kester, who during the skit even poked fun at his fifth year senior status.

“It feels really good to win. It is a little different working with a different class. The difference is that the directors lined everything perfectly up for us. This is my last stunt night,” Kester said. “I’m going to miss it. It has been one of my absolute favorite things at UMHB.”

Senior exercise and sport science major Seth Dickinson played the lovelorn Hispanic producer Antonio who falls first for the bride at one point in the performance and then at the end for her acting coach. He won the Best Actor Award for his performance.

Dickinson said, “We just weren’t feeling the lines. I did one of the lines in a Spanish accent one time and thought that this could work. I kind of just practiced it and felt like my character needed this Latin flair. I really enjoyed it. Being my last year and all, to win best actor just makes it extra special.”

Senior English major Jacqueline Findley won Best Actress for her role as the bride.

Although the sophomore class did not place, their parody of Survivor provided the crowd with  laughs.

The freshman class performed exceptionally well, in spite of having the disadvantage of only a few weeks to get to know each other. They won the Campus Choice Award and Best Costume .

One of the freshman directors, special education major Dawn Partain said, “The hardest challenge was having so many people. We ended up putting about 40 people on stage. At the end, they started playing music, and our class went down in the aisle and started dancing. That is just how our class is. We just get together, dance and have fun.”

Their performance was a retelling of A Christmas Carol. The three ghosts of Stunt Night past, present and future were Judge Baylor, Shawn Shannon and Jesus Christ. 

The juniors won best song and dance. Their performance was a parody game show titled So You Think You Can Date. The winning couple was even dubbed Cru-daters for life by President Randy O’Rear. 

Junior class co-director accounting major Audrey Ohendalski said, “It was a lot of fun. We had a really good group of people who don’t usually do Stunt Night. It was very diverse, so we got to get a lot of different ideas.”

For the seniors, it was their last stunt night and that reality has begun to set in for some.

Senior social work major Rachel Jaster said, “This is my first and last Stunt Night. I have never done it before, so it was amazing, but is kind of emotional and sad. It was really fun to end it like this.”

Author: Ethan Mitra

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