Facebook users grapple with change

By Terryn Kelly

Facebook is an ever-changing social network. The company is constantly updating the site with new features intended to make the experience more enticing.

Unfortunately, for some users the regular revisions of the interface appear to be more of a burden than they are a help.

Freshman cellular biology major Megan LaLonde said, “I have not used any of the new applications on Facebook, reason being because it changes every time I get on my page. I like the older version.”

An expanding number of the Facebook community continues to favor the earlier adaptations of the site.

Senior cellular biology major Angel Cook said, “I prefer the older version of Facebook because it was simpler and easier to use. I do not like the idea that Facebook is always making updates and changes without informing its users that they are doing so.”

Since the users are the ones who have helped make the website what it is today, Cook thinks that Mark Zuckerberg should get some insight from members on how they feel about the current features on Facebook before making changes.

 “I do not like the fact that they do not ask for the users’ input on what changes we would like to see. After they have acquired a substantial amount of suggestions, they should allow us to vote on them and then make the changes that we all agreed upon,” she said.

When using group chat, the user can communicate with friends outside of the group and from the usual chat feed.

Senior music major Tasha Jefferson has used the feature but has mixed emotions about doing so.

“I have used it, but it does get annoying when you do not want or need the feature. It is helpful when you want to group chat or to get group messages across.”

Another feature is a tab that allows people to see what they posted on the same day an entire year ago. Jefferson has used this feature before and said she loves it.

There is also a smart list which allows the user to determine who will be able to see certain subjects that are posted. Cook finds this feature to be helpful to her.

“I have some professors and older people as my friends on Facebook, and some things I post are just for the young people and not for them. Sometimes I post what is on my mind,” she said.

LaLonde occasionally uses the feature as needed.

She said, “If I am looking for a specific answer that has to do with that general area I can click on it and ‘stock’ to see if anyone else has asked the same question or something along those lines.”

Now Facebook allows members to label friends as “close friends” or even “acquaintances.” Some users believe that labeling their friends is unnecessary.

Cook said,“If I do not consider you as a friend, I will not add you. If you are no longer my friend, I will delete you.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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