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Social networking is rapidly moving along. Among the hundreds of popular sites, one stands among the rest. It is called Groupon.

Launched in 2008, it is based out of Chicago but now is available all around the world. Groupon grew out of a website called The Point, launched in November 2007, that lets people start a campaign asking others to give money or do something as a group.

It is a site where getting things on sale is an everyday occurrence, and users can pass those deals along to family and friends. Groupon offers several coupons a day covering many different types of products. For example, restaurants, gym memberships and entertainment. 

Associate Professor of Business Marketing Dr. Chrisann Merriman, realizes Groupon is beneficial to students.

 “Groupon is basically social buying,” she said. “Marketers love social buying because ultimately people will share what they bought.”

Groupon began so people in large towns who run out of ideas on where to eat or where to shop can have a flow of new ideas every day. In some cases all they have to do is flash the coupon from Groupon to an associate, and the transaction is complete.

However, it is not this simple for everyone. Groupon ,even with its millions of followers, is not widely available in small towns.

Senior psychology major Lauren Rister said, “I’m from Houston, so I usually use (discounts) in Houston or Austin. Unfortunately for Belton, Temple and Killeen, there are not a lot (of Groupon coupons) available. Groupon needs to offer more discounts in small college towns where students are broke.”

Groupon has a feature called match-up, which enables people to start groups  in which they all become members of that group and share their finds.

Administrative assistant to the vice president for Student Life Jheri Lynn Smith likes the concept of Groupon.

 “The site is very easy to use without a lot of clutter,” she said.  “You can easily make purchases to use in other cities in the U.S. with ease.”

Not only can the coupons be used for yourself, but also for others.

“One unique feature that I like is the option to purchase a Groupon service or product as a gift for someone,” Smith said.

While Groupon is said to be going through some financial woes due to owing more money than they have, the company is expected to come out on top.

Merriman  thinks Groupon has competition with social networking.

She said, “Facebook is starting to do some small little things like Groupon in their Facebook marketplace, so they might start giving out discounts since Facebook does have a bigger name.”

Overall, students seem to be satisfied with the new site.

Rister said, “I love it. Groupon is very user friendly. I have been able to buy more for less, and it has opened my eyes to new places to shop, eat and relax that I probably wouldn’t have known about.”

Author: Kirby Franze

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