The Lion King back in 3-D

One of the most beloved movie classics of all time was re-released Friday in select theaters – Walt Disney’s The Lion King. 

For those unfamiliar with the plot, The Lion King is about a young ambitious lion, Simba, whose father Mufasa, the king, is killed by jealous uncle Scar. Simba, thinking it is his fault, flees Pride Rock and meets some colorful   characters.

As Simba grows older and after years of exile, he is persuaded to return home to overthrow Scar and claim the kingdom as his own, thus completing the “Circle of Life.”

This time the film is enhanced with 3-D effects to attract not just the older generation, but also the new one that has never experienced The Lion King in theaters before.

Some who were just children 17 years ago have the chance to make this the first Disney film their kids see in a theater.

Millions of devoted fans are thrilled that the movie is being re-released.

Junior sport management major Alexandra Taylor said, “I was 4 years old when The Lion King came out, and I thought it was the greatest thing I’d ever seen. I wanted to go back every day and watch it. To this day, it is still my favorite movie.  Watching it reminds me of my                    childhood, and I know when I see it again, I will feel like a kid once more.” 

Junior math major Melissa Donham said, “I loved The Lion King when I first saw it. Excluding all the princess movies, it’s definitely one of the best Disney movies. All the songs are great. When I first saw the preview in                 theaters, I got really excited.”

There are mixed feelings about the changes to The Lion King, however.

 Junior psychology major Audrey Hale said, “It seems like everything is in 3-D now. Making The Lion King in 3-D makes me sad. It’s as if a little bit of my childhood is being taken away. I’m sure little kids will love it, but we know the old version. It’s more sentimental.”

This re-release of The Lion King sparks a possible new trend. Will more classic, traditionally hand-drawn animated movies become 3-D?

There has been discussion within the Disney Company that, if Lion King does well, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and Alice in Wonderland will be the next ones to be digitalized.  

Donham says that re-releasing cartoons is a great idea.

“It’s really smart on their part. People like me, absolutely love Disney movies, so they’ll make a lot of money doing it. “ 

Hale said, “We’ll certainly go with a big group so we can all relive the movie together. Most of us were too young to see it in theaters, so this will be a great experience for all of us.”

Author: Jenna Magness

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