New social network gives Facebook, Twitter a run for their money with expanded features

By Terryn Kelly

There is a new social media networking site on the rise—Google+. Will this network prove to be a competition for the ever so  popular Facebook which made MySpace a distant memory?

The new user interface is growing in numbers every day. People are quickly becoming addicted to the new swite as though there is still something left to be desired.

Google+ has shortcomings just like other social networks but with time it may give Facebook a run for its money if they can meet all the requested needs from users.

Members weigh in with thoughts about the website.

Senior international business major Tobin Davies has been a member since July. He found out about Google+ from the different news sites he follows on Twitter and by word of mouth.

“Presently, Facebook and Twitter definitely have first mover’s advantage, and Google+ has some ground to make up before it can really contend,” Davies said.

Senior Christian studies major Percy Hudson has been a  member for four months.

“I would definitely recommend this network to others. I would not say it is better than Facebook, but it is better than most networking sites.”

The most common problem that many  users are running into is that they have fewer friends to chat with on this network because not many people know about it.

The website differs from many because a user cannot simply create an account. One must first receive an invite from an active member.

“I would recommend people to join Google+, but it is still limited by the lack of users. I think that Google+ has the potential to be great because it will offer more features in the long run,” Davies said.

Senior nursing major Andrew Kester has been a member for three months. At the moment he does not think Google+ is better than Facebook because people have not yet made the transition.

“Not as many people are on it, so it is not easy to communicate,” he said.

Google+ has released an app for iPhones. The new site has many new features and even offers new users a demo tour of how everything works.

To organize friends,  there are circles that allow the user to group people in a category. For example, one may have a circle for work associates so everything shared would be work related whereas another circle could be for family, and personal things could be shared.

Hangouts allow the user to video chat with up to 10 friends at the same time, and Huddle is used for group chatting.

There is also the common photo feature that allows the user to upload pictures from a camera or instantly from an Android phone.

Sparks allows uses to add their interest. Then the topics that pertain to those subjects are shown to them. If members choose to do so, they can click on the topic and share it with a circle friends.

Davies said, “Google+ is pretty easy to navigate. The main thing is that it is not quite laid out the same way as Facebook, which is what most people are accustomed to, so there is a learning curve involved.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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