US Ambassador McMullen to visit campus

By Samantha Hardcastle

Career Services, the Department of History and Political Science and the College of Business will host an event today 12:30-1:30 in the Lord Conference Center. Ambassador Ronald McMullen will discuss foreign service careers, his experiences and internship availability for the state department.

Students must may apply  for internships offered to sophomore class students or higher, of any major, during the summer of 2012.  

McMullen recently served as the U.S. ambassador for the State of Eritrea in the Horn of Africa and is currently a diplomat-in-residence at the University of Texas at Austin.

He said most students are not aware of the opportunities available to them through the state department.

He hopes to leave behind a better understanding of what diplomats do and how to become an American diplomat.

“The two real key components to being a successful diplomat in my view are first the service orientation — that you want to serve for your country, that you want to be the base of America building bridges with the rest of the world,” McMullen said. “You don’t do this to make a million dollars or become famous; you do this as a service to the nation.”

The second element is that students need to have a desire to explore and a sense of adventure in order to be proficient and happy in the foreign service.

Faculty and staff are also interested in McMullen’s visit.

 Dean of the College of Business Jim King said, “I think he presents the best of both worlds being international and public service.”

King hopes students will take advantage of the internships, but he also knows that it is ultimately their decision to take the opportunity.

Director of Career Services Don Ownes wants students to be inspired and rejuvenated by McMullen’s visit.

“I’m hoping it will widen their awareness and aspirations of what is out there. We desire for our students to have a passion for what they do in their life’s work,” Owens said. “I think you learn from everything that you do. And this is one more opportunity of bringing the world to the campus.”

Larry Locke, assistant professor in the College of Business wants people to realize that they can touch the world, even from Belton.

“It’s a great example of this cadre of professional democracy,” Locke said. “We all have chances if we learn our craft well. We can bring what we learned at UMHB to the government.”

He admires McMullen’s becoming important in government and the chances that  UMHB students can do the same to change the world when it is their time.

Dr. David Chrisman, chair of the history and political science department regards the intership as rare and  prestigious.

“If a student could get this opportunity, it would be the best hands-on experience,” he said.

He hopes students will begin to understand just how close to home the issues they hear about through the news media really are and take advantage of the opportunities given  to them.

Author: The Bells Staff

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