Stunt Night joins forces with Homecoming

It is the beginning of the school year and along with many long-time UMHB traditions picking up again such as football games and Homecoming, one more timeless Cru event is about to take place.

Stunt night is coming Sept. 30 this year during Homecoming weekend at Walton Chapel.

UMHB alumni will now have the opportunity to watch the skits put together by each class.

Since Stunt Night is now a Homecoming event, the Homecoming court will be the hosts for the night.

This will also give the campus a chance to get to know their nominees for Homecoming king and queen before voting.

Tiffany Wurdemann, assistant director for student organizations and adviser for Stunt Night explained how groups will perform.

She said, “Fifteen minutes will be given to each class to present their skit and dance, following the theme of their genre and ensuring that the skit is entertaining, fun and reflects the Christian values of this institution.”

The four classes competing, will feature a skit and song to match the theme, Reality TV.

Senior math education major Shaina Ryan is the program director.

“Each class will have to incorporate two different genres of reality TV,” she said.

From the broad category it will be broken down into subcategories such as wedding, dating, cooking, talent and fashion shows.

There are two winning teams: the class choice and the judge’s choice.

Practices have already begun, but it is not too late to participate. Check Facebook for your class group or ask a friend.

Ryan said, “There is honestly a place for everyone: actors, directors, choreographers, musicians, promotions, backstage crew, ticket sales, audience. It is so easy to get involved with this event.”

Stunt Night does not require auditioning, a nomination or even talent.

“It is a chance to get together and laugh with your classmates and build friendships that you may have never had before,” Ryan said.

Senior exercise sports science major Seth Dickinson enjoys the tradition of Stunt Night.

 “I think it allows students to use their creativity, whether. … in dances, lines, or costumes,” he said. “It also is just fun to play a character different from yourself. Stunt Night just allows you to be something that you can’t be on an average day.”

With the event right around the corner students will soon begin scripting their skits and making costumes.

This is Ryan’s third year to participate, and she is looking forward to creating new memories, proud moments and sharing many laughs.

She said, “Meeting new friends and getting to bond with them over ridiculous songs and dance numbers is something that doesn’t happen often on campus.”

Author: Kirby Franze

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