New Farris apartments are student friendly

Sophomore pre-physical therapy major Josh Shoulders, left, and sophomore pre-med major Patrick Prazak walk outside the new Farris apartments. Photo by Brittany Montgomery.

Sophomore pre-physical therapy major Josh Shoulders, left, and sophomore pre-med major Patrick Prazak walk outside the new Farris apartments. Photo by Brittany Montgomery.

The construction on the new apartments has almost come to an end, and Farris Hall is currently housing students who seem to be satisfied with their surroundings.

The structure is home to 163 students and sits behind where the new stadium is to be built.

The apartments might seem far away, but they are as close to campus buildings as the other apartments.

Resident Director Patty Wright said, “The students have been really excited about the apartments. They are really happy about the look of the apartments and the space of each of the rooms.”

Wright explained the new landscaping for Farris.

“It is going to be beautiful when it comes to the quad. There is a water feature that is going to be there, as well as greenery that is coming in.”

Wright said, “The beautiful landscaping that UMHB does across the board will be done here as well and all around the front of the building also.”

The outside of the apartments has not been completed, but Wright assures this will not be the case for long.

“The new apartments are a good design with nicely sized bedrooms and closet space, open concept living and kitchen space, and the added benefit of not only having your own bedroom, but having your own bathroom as well.”  

Donna Plank, associate dean of students and director of Resident Life said, “The location of the apartments provides a good setting in close proximity to the main campus and also provides some really great views. I think the students are going to enjoy living here.”

On top of these added amenities, Farris will also feature several different ways to entertain occupants.

“The building has some great features such as the fountain in the courtyard area,” Plank said.

“Seating will be provided in the courtyard with tables and chairs, and there will be grills.There is a computer room and a really nice space that is being set up as a meeting/conference room.”

Plank went into further detail about the new amenities residents will now be able to enjoy.

“There will be a TV in the meeting room that will be Internet capable, so if a study group needed to access the Web, they could use the larger screen on the TV versus using their computers. On the fourth floor, we are creating a media room and have placed a 70” TV in that room along with blackout curtains for the windows. The furniture in that room will be a large sectional couch and two enormous body sacks for the floor,” she said.

With many new places for students to study, there will also be ample ways to unwind.

“The media room will be used by the staff for programming such as viewing special events like Super Bowl parties, watching favorite TV programs with groups, viewing movies as part of programming,” Plank said.

The courtyard will also be a place  fun times will be hosted.

“RAs will use the grills to do cookouts and will probably come up with other events to be held in this space. It is a great spot to get people together,”  she said.

Each student must use a Cru ID card to open  apartment doors and to enter the building after hours.

As long as it is between the hours of 12 p.m. and 1 a.m., both genders are welcome in the opposite’s rooms.

Senior exercise sports science major Erin Jackson, a resident assistant at Farris Hall, said, “Seeing the kids’ excitement about Farris Hall and living in a new environment, as well as this being my first year as an apartment RA, it is fun for everyone to be able to have guy residents in the building.”

The students are also able to decide how many roomates they want to have. 

“I love the size. I feel like the apartments are ridiculously large, and I also like the fact that occupants have the choice to decide whether they want to live in a two, three, or four bedroom apartment,” Jackson said.

On the speedy construction of the aparments, Jackson said, “I think that since they had to rush to get the apartments done, there have been a few more problems than were expected, as far as maintenance goes. Overall, I think that students have been extremely pleased with their new Farris Hall apartments.”

Author: Kirby Franze

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