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Photo by Christian Hernandez

Photo by Christian Hernandez

In today’s world, the media and entertainment are everything, and if you aren’t up to date, you’re out of the loop.

Luckily, the university has upgraded its television package to Campus Televideo, a partner of DirecTV.

The previous service provider, Time Warner Cable, under the Digital Transitions and Public Safety Act of 2005, began switching channels to digital broadcast.

This created a problem as it would hardly be practical for the university to provide digital-analogue converter boxes for all of the televisions on campus.

Thus, Information Technology personnel began searching for a new provider and service.

Director of IT Shawn Kung best describes the choice as follows: “Campus Televideo is able to provide more       channels, especially sports, for less than the cost of our previous provider.”

With 100 channels, 15 in high-definition and 14 sports channels, the choice was clear.

However, with such variety to choose from, students could spend hours on end watching television.

Vice President for Student Life Dr. Byron Weathersbee addressed this issue by reminding students, “We are to be in this world, not of this world.”

If the student body can realize that reminder, it can experience the great entertainment that has been offered this year and remain an “unapologetically       Christ-like university,” Weathersbee said.

Also, on top of the popular entertainment channels, UMHB decided to implement a few channels for its own use.

“Channel 2 is our lineup. We purposefully left channel 3 blank for analogue devices, 4 is the UMHB information   channel, and 5 is reserved for airing university events such as ceremonies or football games,” Kung said.

Also, the IT department has introduced an emergency broadcast system, which will take over all television channels with a red  message screen informing students of severe weather, school closures and campus lockdowns.

The message will yield to regular programing after a few minutes, except in case of a lockdown, when it will remain on the air until cleared by campus police.

Sophomore sports management major, Esther Gibbs, is in her third semester as a student worker for IT, said, “The new    system could be very useful, but, hopefully, we won’t have to use it that much.”

With safety measures in place and    entertainment galore, the student body can expect to rely on Campus Televideo for entertainment for the entirety of the three-year contract.

Author: Christian Hernandez

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