Freshman Elections

The future of the Student Governement Association lies in the hands of six incoming freshmen. Why?  There are six freshman  seats in SGA waiting to be filled — president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, senator and chaplain.

The current members encourage the elections so freshmen will get involved. During Welcome Week, members even did a crazy dance  to promote the organization. 

Junior social work major and vice president of SGA, Caitlin Heitt, said, “At the big fair during Welcome Week, we set up a table for any freshmen interested in being part of SGA. From there we had an interest meeting and then freshmen meeting. During the freshmen meeting, they tell their class what position they are running for and a little bit  more about their platform. Once their name is out there, the student can start their campaigning.”   

When that happens students can use different methods to gain attention.

Heitt said, “It is also a great way to meet people. When I ran for vice president as a freshman, I got the unique opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and introduce myself to random strangers to meet as many people as I could so I would have more supporters.” 

Senior international business major and president Kassidy Harris said there are specific things he wants in future members.

“We are looking for people who are excited about what is happening with UMHB and have a positive attitude about the future we have here—people who are wanting to serve the other students and want to build relationships.” 

Being a part of SGA is beneficial to both the school and freshman members.

Heitt said, “The freshmen will get a lot of experience with working with students and faculty. This is one thing that makes SGA special. We are the middle man for students and faculty.

They will begin to realize how important meetings and agendas and organization are when they are trying to make a difference concerning both the students and faculty on this campus.”

Director of Student Organizations Kristy Brischke said voting will hopefully take place online.

“Voters will get an email, click on the link, and vote.It’s important for everyone to be involved, let their voice be heard, and pick who will represent their class.”

Heitt and the rest of  the SGA members are thrilled about the fall semester.

“This is a relatively new senate, which we see as a great thing,” Heitt said. “New senate means new ideas to bring to the table. This will be a time of transition, and we cannot wait to see what God has in store for SGA and UMHB as a whole.”

Author: Jenna Magness

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