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Welcome, Class of 2015 new Cru.

We are so excited the day is finally here to start a new year with new classes and new faces. I hope you all are just as excited as me to see what this year is going to bring.

As your student body president, I want to welcome you to UMHB.  A key area we pride ourselves in is that our student body is seen as a community and a family.

One of my main goals this year is to be constantly surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, just as Paul states in Hebrews. Meaning, I want to personally know the names behind the faces on campus and establish relationships with as many of my peers as possible.

We have a great opportunity on this campus to become actively involved.

This is the one piece of advice I would give every freshman: Get involved. It is vital for you to have friends and a smaller group of family to belong to. Believe me; this will make a huge difference in your first semester.

Whether you are involved in Student Government, First Year Council, the Baptist Student Ministries, Intramurals or Fellowship of Christian Athletes, there is a place to pursue what you are passionate about.

I agree with Dr. O’Rear when he states “It is our hope that, when students graduate from UMHB, they leave not just with diplomas but also with a clear vision of how to live a successful life, no matter where their paths may lead from that point on.” This captures our school’s mission statement well.

It is more than just getting through these next four years; it is about building relationships, learning about yourself and growing in your spiritual walk.

I would also like to encourage every freshman to find a church home. This may take several weeks or a whole semester, but find a church family to encourage you in your walk with Christ.

My prayer and desire are for each of you to find a church and serve. I want to grow alongside you in Christ as we serve this community together.

My wish is to truly live out Isaiah 6:8 with each of you and follow the call of God while we live out His will for us.

I love UMHB and cannot wait to share this year with each one of you as we serve this university, our community and ultimately Christ.

Kassidy Harris
Student Body President

Author: The Bells Staff

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