Finding relief from stress on campus

Written by Chris Collins

Finding the right time to kick back and relax is only half the dilemma; observing the acceptable place to do it is the other.

As the semester comes to an end, students are finalizing projects, preparing for final exams and sitting down with professors who help them with summer and fall registration. For many, the time constraints become stressful and time is needed to unwind and take a break away from the demands of class work.

Instead of running away from the books, senior nursing major Avonne Rosario finds solitude among them by spending time in the library. She said the beanbags are comfortable, comparing them to a mattress, and the quiet room provides an ambiance

to rest.

Sophomore nursing major Chiara Ingraham sits on the beanbags reading a book in the Townesend Memorial Library. (Photo by Chris Collins/ The Bells)

Sophomore nursing major Chiara Ingraham sits on the beanbags reading a book in the Townesend Memorial Library. Photo by Chris Collins

“I like to lay down on them like I’m lying in a bed,” Rosario said. “But in the same time, I know I’m in a public place, so I will stay focused and not go to sleep. I have a 2-year-old child at home, so when I’m there I really can’t relax, so I try to find time in between classes while I’m here.”

The outdoors on campus offers a variety of places for students to be at ease even while trying to escape the causes which has them searching for leisure time.

Junior business management major Sylvia Johnson said, “I like to relax near the spring in front of the administration building. I like it there because everything around it soothes the soul. You can study or do homework, or you can sit back and enjoy the scenery.”

Johnson usually rotates between the SUB and the spring depending on her mood. She tries to limit time working on assignments amid classes or after he last lecture of the day.

“I believe the SUB is a great place to relax also,” Johnson said. “It gives me the chance to hang out and meet new friends. I get the chance to eat something and of course watch TV.”

Rosario is familiar with other places of repose, but she prefers to stay centrally based near the York science center where all of her classes are located. She explains the SUB can be crowded and noisy occasionally, but in the morning hours the sofas offer a home-like feel.

“I find the quad a nice area to hang out, but I don’t venture off from the nursing building and nursing school area.”

Sophomore education major Marty Lowrey, like Rosario, enjoys spending his spare time in the library because the couches and beanbags are an incentive to rest. He believes the atmosphere extends a welcoming hand for students to visit. Lowrey said he finds the SUB a place of relaxation, but not often.

“I usually relax in the SUB if I am relaxing and not studying. You have the TVs and time to fellowship with other students,” he said.

Lowrey is satisfied with UMHB outlets and praising the school for its consideration of fretted students.

Johnson agreed with Lowrey; however, she said the school could always add more features especially with the forthcoming additions.

“I think some kind of walking or hiking trail would be a nice way to relax if added to the campus. Students could use the walking/hiking as a form of exercise, which helps with relaxing.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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