Seniors take last shot at Stunt Night

They have lived in living room closets and game rooms for years. When college students were children, they were played and loved dearly, and visions of playing either board games, or being addicted to a Nintendo, Play Station or any kind of video game are forever embedded in memories.

It’s that time of year again, the time when classes compete against each other in the ultimate campus competition — Stunt Night.

Games have been chosen as the theme.

The individual classes are performing their representation of different forms of gaming. Senior class is portraying the classic video games they grew up with, like Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong and Sonic the Hedgehog. Creativity has been limitless for this group.

Senior nursing major Andrew Kester has played a part in the annual Stunt Night event his whole college career.

Seniors psychology major Adam Fischer (left) Christian studies major Chase Brown (center) and psychology major Miles O’Neil practice for their segment of Stunt Night. Photo by Brittany Montgomery

Seniors psychology major Adam Fischer (left) Christian studies major Chase Brown (center) and psychology major Miles O’Neil practice for their segment of Stunt Night. Photo by Brittany Montgomery

“The first two years, our class was rough, but last year was golden …. This year we are just building off last, and it’s only going to be better,” he said.

Kester said their show is “incredibly witty and really funny,” which is what Stunt Night is all about.

While the cast continues to practice for the big show Friday, April 1, many other students are working hard to make sure every detail is perfect for the performance. Senior elementary education major Rebecca Widmer is one of those.

“I love Stunt Night and have really loved being a part of it every year that I have been at UMHB,” she said.

Being a resident assistant has held her back from being part of the cast. For the past two Stunt Nights, she was not able to fully commit to attending every practice, so she works behind the scenes.

“The seniors are amazing and so easy to work with, so it really makes my job fun and easy,” she said.

Widmer and senior marketing major Julia Bishop are working together.

The two have been brainstorming different ideas of what they’ll use for costumes and props. Most of which have been handmade during any free time they have.

“Julia, some of the other seniors and I have thought of some really creative things to incorporate in the skit …. I think it will truly be a performance loved by all,” Widmer said.

She is eager to hear laughter from the audience.

“All of the classes have been working super hard to make their skits perfect,” she said.

Senior psychology major Adam Fischer enjoys the practices because “all the fun you get to have with friends is just translated into a production.”

Fischer gets to work with his close circle of friends, and is ready to perform to the student body.

“We expect to repeat our victory last year, as seniors,” Fischer said. “It’s always great to see so many people offering up the things they are really good at individually.”

Senior communication major and codirector of the senior class Ashley Ramirez is ready to see the class shine, win or lose.

“Our cast is wonderful, and I cannot wait to see them on the stage Friday,” she said.

Kester encourages students to be on the lookout for the seniors as they take the stage to “leave a legacy.”

The cast isn’t allowed to give the plot away, but Kester wants to give readers a sneak peek.

“You find yourself in the mushroom kingdom, but Mario and friends are nowhere to be found. Bowser has a smirk on his face …. What did he do? Where has everyone gone?”

Author: Andra Holbrooks

Andra is a senior Mass Communication/Journalism major from Aledo, TX. She is the Features Page Editor for The Bells. Andra loves spending time with her family, roommates and friends. Although her time at UMHB will soon come to an end, she will always hold the Crusader family dearly in her heart. Her adventure of becoming Features Editor for The Bells began in 2008. Being a writer was not a profession she ever imagined pursuing, but she is thankful for the opportunity God has given her to do so. She enjoys page designing and writing feature stories. After graduation in May, she hopes to use her degree by working for a magazine or reporting for a news station.

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