Balloons burst onto new television show

One thing Americans are sure to get suckered into is   reality TV.

Whether it be following the lives of the super tan, party-hardy Jersey Shore cast or some quirky balloon artists on TLC’s  new hit show, The Unpoppables, Americans can’t take their eyes off the entertaining and unusual shows.

Episodes are only thirty minutes long, but entertain viewers by   hopping cities and rushing to get all projects completed for different events. Sometimes projects will take 100+ man hours and thousands of balloons to complete.

New Balloon Art is becoming more and more popular, and this team of talented artists astonishes clients (and all watching the show) with the most original and inventive figures ever.

Addi Somehk, one of the most innovative balloon artists today, is self-taught. He’s known for his abstract creations and has been featured in Martha Stewart Living and In Touch Magazine.

His career began before the TV series when he and photographer Charlie Eckert published a book, The Inflatable Crown, in 2001.

Somehk is a natural humorist. He enjoys playing the balloon bass and balloon drums, which are instruments he created for his potential music career.

There is never  a dull moment watching him on the show. His passions are evident: to create the most interesting balloon masterpieces ever and to bring out a smile in anyone he comes in contact with.

The trio is complete with two other artists, Brian Asman and Katie Balloons.

Asman was a former chef, and began twisting to earn some extra money at a farmer’s market in Brooklyn. His side hobby soon became the reason he quit the restaurant business and began working with the New Balloon Art team.

He has   created life-size caricatures and countless towering clowns and monsters.

Somehk and Asman don’t always get along, which makes for twists in the show, but in the end their talents pull together to blow clients’ expectations out of the water.

The lone female   artist, Katie Balloons, yes, she legally changed her last name to prove her true passion for her dedicated time to sculpting, is one of the top balloon dressmakers in the world.

She has only been twisting for five years, but no one would know it was that short of time by her detailed work. Balloon clothing is her trademark, and she has become known around the world for her intricate, fitted works of wearable art.

Most times, Balloons concentrates too much on her work; therefore, she doesn’t sleep or eat much, which cuts her fuse very short. Somehk recruited Balloons because of her willingness to complete jobs, and he believes she is a prodigy in the balloon world.

The trio is always entertaining even while working and arguing which makes for an entertaining show.

Author: Andra Holbrooks

Andra is a senior Mass Communication/Journalism major from Aledo, TX. She is the Features Page Editor for The Bells. Andra loves spending time with her family, roommates and friends. Although her time at UMHB will soon come to an end, she will always hold the Crusader family dearly in her heart. Her adventure of becoming Features Editor for The Bells began in 2008. Being a writer was not a profession she ever imagined pursuing, but she is thankful for the opportunity God has given her to do so. She enjoys page designing and writing feature stories. After graduation in May, she hopes to use her degree by working for a magazine or reporting for a news station.

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