Wednesday night worship decides on theme of biblical basics

The Ten Commandments are iconic in Western culture. They have been the subject of countless paintings, and the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments has been made into many films. However, most Christians actually know very little about them, and cannot name all ten.

The campus Wednesday night worship, Focus, does not usually put an emphasis on doctrinal issues, but for the next five weeks, two different speakers will talk about the Ten Commandments and why they are still relevant to Christians.

Freshman biblical studies major and worship leader of Focus, Jack O’ Briant, said, “I think that one of the main reasons we decided on this is because it is something  that does not get taught a ton. We especially want to focus on commandments that are neglected, like the Sabbath, but are foundational Christian truths.”

The idea originally came during a Focus planning meeting from Baptist Student Ministry Director Shawn Shannon.

Last February, Focus did a three-week special on the Trinity. After that, Shannon thought they should do something more doctrinally based.

“Worship that takes place in an academic environment as it nurtures the heart does not have to leave the head behind,” Shannon said.

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While having discussion with one of her co-workers on the importance of having a good relationship with parents, Shannon realized that the Ten Commandments dealt with this issue.

She began to realize the importance of the Ten Commandments in her life and decided that it would be good to take a special look at them during Focus. She also found that there were many misconceptions among Christians about the Ten Commandments, and she wanted to help clear up some of them for students.

Shannon thinks that one of the biggest misconceptions  about the commandments is that they are only negative.

She said, “Each one could be turned into a positive. Like honor your father and mother and observe the Sabbath, those are two positives. But even ‘thou shalt not commit adultery’ becomes ‘thou shalt be faithful.’”

UMHB has many Christian studies professors who are proficient in the Old Testament. The next two weeks of Focus will give Dr. Stephen  Von Wyrick, professor of Hebrew and the Old Testament, a chance to share his experitise.

“I have some background that I might be able to bring to the discussion on the Ten Commandments. I always enjoy being with the students. That is what it is all about. If I can help them understand something in my field, then that is great,” he said.

Wyrick plans on giving background on the Ten Commandments, such as why they were given, their purpose and how they fit within the ancient Jewish culture. Along with background information He wants to stress the importance and purpose of the laws for modern society.

For the last three weeks of the special look at the commandments Austin Fischer, a UMHB graduate will speak. He plans on diving into some of the more specific commandments like honoring the Sabbath and your parents.

The series will kick off Feb. 9 in Manning Chapel at 8:28 pm. For more information visit the BSM at 8th and Pearl.

Author: Ethan Mitra

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