Novel jobs: ice cream to bridal shows

Students know about campus work study jobs, but several others find employment off campus as well in varied areas.

Youth ministry, serving up ice cream and designing digital art are all areas in which people studying at UMHB work.

Senior youth ministry major Clayton Aker serves as the full-time youth minister at Fellowship Baptist Church in Liberty Hill, Texas. A previous internship there helped him get the job.

“In October my youth pastor, Tim, called me up saying he was looking for an intern, so after praying about it I took the job. I started in February 2010 and became full time as of January 1, 2011,” he said.

Aker is also a full-time student, so he has to balance his school responsibilities with his work responsibilities.

Senior education major Kathryn Groseclose scoops out cheesecake ice cream before mixing in the toppings Feb. 5 at Maggie Moo’s. Photo by Brittany Montgomery

“Every week is different. Actually every day is different. I attend classes in the morning at UMHB, then go to work around 11,” he said.

After studying youth ministry in his classes, Aker puts his knowledge into  action.

“Most of my classes are ministry classes anyway, so I’m working already in what I’m learning and that makes it easier,” Aker said.

He realizes that time alone is necessary in order to best do his job.

“I take the method that Jesus used by drawing away from the crowds and spending his time with his father to be ready to go back out and serve. That’s how I do it, by relying fully on God,” Aker said.

Although a work day in youth ministry varies majorly, Aker works on some consistent events each week.

“If I’m teaching, I’m studying the lesson and getting handouts and Power Points all set up,” he said.

Aker works with a team to decide the most effective ways to reach the youth in the Liberty Hill area.

“We have creative discussion talks every week about where our ministry is headed and what we would like to accomplish in the coming weeks,” he said.

Planning events and lessons is a major concern, but Aker knows that his main goal is to spend time building relationships with students.

He said, “My biggest responsibility is to just hang out and love on the kids that walk through our doors and those outside our doors.”

Junior art/visual communication major Abigail Davidhizar works for The Pink Studio designing websites and laying out magazines.

Davidhizar learned about the job when the owner Angela Sims contacted Don Owens, director of Career Services.

She started out with simple tasks and after having gained some experience, she is helping with larger jobs.

“My first project with The Pink Studio was designing a Facebook page for a business from Waco,” she said.

Being familiar with Facebook, this job was not difficult but her current jobs are putting her skills to the test.

Junior art/visual communication major Abigail Davidhizar works on a design project for The Pink Studio. She is currently designing page layouts for a new bridal magazine. Photo by Lindsay Schaefer

“Other projects I am currently involved in are designing a website for a local floor company and helping with the layout of the new bridal magazine.”

Doing this work has helped Davidhizar gain experience in graphic design.

She said, “This internship is such a great opportunity to use the skills I’ve learned so far and develop new ones that come with the more complicated projects I am assigned.”

The opportunity to complete different types of projects has given Davidhizar an idea about what she enjoys best.

“So far, my favorite part would be designing websites. There are so many little parts that go into it that I never realized before,” she said.

Senior education major Kathryn Groseclose works at Maggie Moo’s in Temple where she dishes out ice cream to customers looking to satisfy their sweet tooth.

“A typical week includes two to three shifts. I usually work the closing shift, which is from 3:00 or 4:00 to closing time, which works best with my schedule,” she said.

Though her hours at the ice cream shop sometimes run late, she is still appreciative of the job.

Groseclose said, “Sometimes it can be difficult balancing school with this job, especially after going to school all day, and then going to work … then having the energy to do homework. But I guess that’s how college works, and I know many people have it much harder than I do.”

Recognizing that she lives a typical student’s life, she said, “I am so blessed to have this job, so I have to remember not to take it for granted.”

Junior sport management and finance major Andy Evans acts as a mentor and coach in his baseball training job.

He helps 10- and 11-year-olds sharpen their skills in the sport.

“I teach the kids how to pitch in an effective way that prevents injury to their arm and increases velocity with command in practice and game time situations,” Evans said.

Working off campus isn’t an issue for him because of the nature of the job.

“It is an opportunity to help out kids with the same passion about baseball as you had as a kid,” he said.

Being a Cru athlete, Evans enjoys being able to give back to others through sports.

“This job is great because you get to see the improvement in them as time progresses and the excitement in them when they accomplish something they had been working on for a long time,” Evans said.

Senior psychology major Jenna Keefe works at the Children’s Hospital at Scott & White in Temple as a child life assistant.

Keefe said, “Having an off-campus job can open up wonderful opportunities for life experience in the real working world to boost a resume. Not to mention, it makes you feel like a true grown-up.”

She provides the pediatric patients specialized playful activities for times when they are not in treatment.

Keefe didn’t intend to take an off-campus job at first, but when the opportunity opened up, she knew she had to take it.

“I decided to seek volunteer work at Scott & White to get experience with a child life program. I presented my resume at a meeting with the program director and received a job offer on the spot,” she said.

Although her schedule is very full with classes already, the job provides Keefe with work experience in the field she is interested in after she graduates.

Keefe said, “It helps to solidify the things I’ve learned in the classroom since I’m a very hands-on learner.”

Working with the children  often is an encouragement to Keefe to keep reaching for  her goals.

She said, “Having a job that lets me utilize my degree while in school has given me motivation in my studies to pursue my passions.”

Author: Brittany Montgomery

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