How to get a Valentine’s date

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The words “Valentine’s Day” typically conjure up ideas of red roses, pink hearts and naked winged babies shooting as many people as they can with “love” arrows. Yeah, so some of the imagery is a bit strange.

But the most important thing this holiday makes people think of is relationships, and what to do if you are in one. Chocolate candies, romantic movies and candlelit dinners are just some of the ways to tell your significant other “I love you.”

But what about those loners who don’t yet have a date for Valentine’s Day? Is it their lot to mope around on the couch, bemoaning their lack of love while watching a Friends marathon in their jammies?

I say no! This year, I have a plan for all the lonely hearts out there, some foolproof tips to get the person who holds their hearts. I have enlisted a crack team of researchers (i.e. the rest of The Bells staff) to share how best to let someone know you are interested. So read on, dear friends, and be lonely no more!

Ladies, here’s what you need to know about men. What you see is what you get. Most everything about guys is right there on the surface. As such, in order to get a guy to notice you, you’re going to have to be blunt.

Playing hard to get will typically not work on guys. Usually, if you talk and laugh with a guy you like, he may start to see you’re flirting – until he sees you do it to the next guy you meet. Then he just thinks you’re a nice girl and not actually interested in him. As one of the researchers put it, for him to get the hint well, a girl should basically take him hostage long enough for Stockholm Syndrome to set in.

Also, some guys may have trouble taking the initiative. If so, you may just have to suck it up and ask him out yourself. You may not like it, but, hey, it could be worth it.

Try this, as well: next time you are sitting next to the guy you have your eye on, scoot a little closer. Let your shoulder brush his and don’t move it away too fast. Physical contact is a great indicator of attraction, and even a dense-as-rock guy is going to pick up on that one.

And remember! “Footsies” is not just a children’s game. It’s fun for adults, too.

Guys, you probably aren’t going to like it, but all those tips that make it easy for girls? You have to do the exact opposite to let a girl know you like her.

You’re going to have to be witty, and you’re going to have to be flirty, but at no point should you come on too strong or too fast. Then you just wind up looking desperate. It’s a fine high-wire act you have to walk, and you don’t have a safety net.

She’s going to play hard to get, and you are going to need to chase her. That lets her know it’s more than just a game to you. Also, try to carry yourself with a sense of leadership and accomplishment. Show her she is not getting a push-over in you.

Also, there are some tips that go out to both genders. Maybe the person you have your sights on is fantastically shy. You’re going to have to be over the top with your flirting in this case. It takes a while for it to get through with this type of person.

Don’t forget! When you have the date secured, clean your car. Nothing says deal breaker like papers scattered all over the inside of a vehicle. That’s fine for going to classes, but you don’t want your date thinking they may have sat down in something they would rather not know about.

Here’s hoping these pointers help, and, hopefully, those cheesy sitcom marathons will receive their lowest ratings ever this year.

Author: Artie Phillips

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