Glee phenomenon sweeping across campus

Two years ago, glee clubs were seldom heard of although several high schools had them. Then Fox came out with the hit TV show Glee, a comedy about outcast teens who have a talent for singing and dancing.

These kids, with the help of their Spanish teacher, form a club that performs modern and classic musical numbers.

The show became an instant phenomenon, and high schools as well as colleges adopted the show’s ideas. Glee club was given a whole new meaning.

Sophomore psychology major Garrett Michael, UMHB’s Glee club founder and president said, “UMHB has plenty of singing groups, but they’re mostly classical. Our music can relate to today’s popular music. I honestly did get the idea from the show Glee though,” he said.

Just like the TV show, UMHB’s Glee club is an eclectic group of students.

“Most of the people in our club are like the kids from Glee, outcasts not able to get into One Voice or other musical organizations. And each of us brings something different to the table, ” Michael said.

A normal practice for the members begins with auditions. The process is simple with the executive members asking for the person auditioning to sing more than one song. After auditions, members practice for upcoming events.

With only 13 members now, the club hopes to expand.

Sophomore education major Micaela Moreno said, “I see Crusader Glee becoming very successful in the future as a club that UMHB can be proud of it. I can’t wait for everyone to hear us perform our upcoming songs.”

Junior psychology major Brittany Richardson joined Crusader Glee because she has a passion for performing and singing.

“Whenever the TV show Glee started, I was instantly addicted and wanted to be a part of a glee club so badly,” she said.

Crusader Glee’s first performance was at Crusader Christmas.

“We all got together and came up with a few Christmas songs and a little choreography,” Richardson said. “We got to celebrate Christmas by performing great Christmas music.”

Even though the group made a few mistakes in the performance, Crusader Glee received positive feedback.

Richardson said, “I believe what makes Crusader Glee different than other organizations are the people. These people really have a passion for the club and making music and aren’t just participating to add another bullet to their resume or taking up some spare time they happen to have open.”

The group meets Tuesdays and Thursdays in Mabee 253 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Michael hopes that in the future, Crusader Glee will be able to perform in chapel.

He said, “We need more guys to join.”

Author: Jenna Magness

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