Excitement builds around upcoming student spring film

Within the next two weeks, auditions for a film from one of our very own will kick off.

Sophomore computer graphics design major Sadie Meador’s screenplay, Choice Decision (working title), was selected by UMHB’s film faculty for production of the spring film on campus.

Meador said the screenplay focuses on the life of a college student named Dan.

The character has reached a low point, failing grades and girl trouble included. Through the help of his fairy godfather, he comes to realize magic isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be.

Meador said her own life inspired the film.

“My relationship that I was in at the time and how I always wished I had a ‘fairy godfather’ to fix all of my own problems … unfortunately in real life we need to fix our troubles on our own,” she said.

The decision for the spring film took her by surprise.

“I could not believe that my screenplay was chosen. I was so excited. I had to call my mom and dad and of course tell all my friends. I am still in shock that mine was chosen,” Meador said.

She wants people to relate to the character, Dan.

Ashley Ramirez

Ashley Ramirez

“I hope that they will realize just how I did, that we can’t rely on quick fixes for our problems,” Meador said.

In the future she wants to get work in the movie industry.

“Screenwriting can be a fun process, but it can also be tiresome. I don’t think I’d like to continue creating screenplays, but what I’d really like to get into is editing the films themselves,” she said.

Senior communication major Ashley Ramirez has been involved with the spring film every year since coming to the university.

This year she is the student director. She said she loves the role, but it is not something she wants to do the rest of her life.

“I love being in charge and putting everything together. I think I would love to be a producer someday,” she said.

Step Rowe from Austin and Dan Parsons from Ohio are the only two outsiders who will help with the student-led production.

Ramirez likes the fact they give perspective to leaders’ positions.

“They are always showing us what our roles are. As director there are certain things I do and don’t do,” she said.

Ramirez will cooperate a lot with the other members of the team.

“I will be working really close with Parsons and Rowe … what shots to get and what to keep in the script and what to take out. I’ll also give the editors ideas of what I want to see,” she said.

Communication and media studies Professor Dr. Diane Howard said the spring film gives students some valuable experience.

“We begin in the fall semester in the screenwriting course in which each student produces a short screenplay. A short screenplay typically ranges from 10 pages to 30 pages or 10-30 minutes of screen time,” she said.

The film faculty encourages students to get their work out there and helps them do so.

“Our students who write screenplays are encouraged to submit their scripts to screenwriting competitions. Film faculty submits the Cru films that are produced at UMHB to film festivals,” Howard said.

Junior computer graphics design major Coley Taylor became involved in the film when he was asked to be the editor by his former College of Business Professor Donna Teel.

Taylor’s role will make the footage resemble a film.

“After all the footage is shot, I will be the one piecing it all together into the final project,” he said.

Taylor is excited about his participation.

“I’m looking forward to working with the great cast and crew … and getting some good, real-world experience in the video field,” he said.

Coley hopes to take his knowledge into the mission field.

“After school I am going to try to get into the missions documenting field … editing would be a large aspect of that,” he said.

For those interested in being a part of the spring film auditions for roles are planned for Feb. 7. Anyone wishing to audition must attend the kick-off event Jan. 31. at 5 p.m. in Brindley Auditorium.

For more information visit www.dianehoward.com/Spring_2011_Cru_Film_Projects.html.

Author: Lauren Piercey

Lauren is a senior Mass Communication/Journalism major with a minor in Art and English. She is from the extremely small town of Plantersville, TX where she grew up with her two younger sisters and an assortment of animals. She became the transitions page editor after finally caving into joining the staff. She loves writing and is confident God will help her find a job after graduation in May. She also enjoys cooking, reading and tripping over her own two feet.

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