New members of Congress should help economy, but will we see results?

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The New Year brings with it a make-over for the members of Congress. But will Americans see signs of actual economic recovery in 2011?

Have no fear – the congressional cavalry is here. And with them are the right tools to bring the country out of the recession.

Led by John Boehner, the new speaker of the House from the 8th District of Ohio, Republicans now hold the majority in the House of Representatives. They have created a more even playing field in the Senate but are still outnumbered 53 to 47.

This new House is, as Boehner called it in his speech accepting the gavel, “the people’s House.”

Finally, the people have a new hope – that these representatives will actually start listening to those who elected them.

The members of the House have vowed to uphold the wishes of their constituents. These include implementing conservative fundamentals at the federal level.

The first two main goals of this House are to cut government spending and to repeal the health care bill, which was passed by the last Congress but opposed by many Americans. A vote to repeal health care has already been set for Jan. 12.

These conservative principles are the first steps toward creating real recovery from the economic  recession.

Shouldn’t there be signs of recovery already, according to the current administration? Weren’t the stimulus and other government spending meant to jumpstart the economy?

Much of that money has been wasted. Obviously, no major signs of recovery have occurred since Obama took office. People can only blame Bush for so long, and  the country can’t spend its way out of a recession.

The new House aims to eliminate wasteful spending. These representatives know how to really jumpstart the economy – by creating jobs.

Jobs cannot be forced into an economy by simply printing more money to pay people to do mundane tasks. Most created by the stimulus bill are temporary at best.

Jobs can be made in the economy by creating an atmosphere favorable for employers to add jobs and expand instead of having to cut employees and downsize business so they can afford to pay taxes.

By lowering taxes (which never would have occurred to the previous House), jobs will be created and the American economy will be back on the right track. The country is calling for conservative values like these because they will work.

The new Congress has the potential to truly create change for the economy. They have already demonstrated efforts to bring the legislative branch of government back to the root of what makes it great – the Constitution.

They have sworn to uphold the Constitution. As a way to kick off this session, representatives read the Constitution aloud on the floor of the House. (It seems much of the text in the document was unfamiliar to some members.)

It was deemed “the people’s House.” They talked the talk, but will they walk the walk?

With new leadership, will members of the House follow through with their promises to be held accountable to the people, or will affairs in Washington return to business as usual?

The people made a statement with the elections in November. Now the representatives have to implement the ideas they were elected for.

Author: Garrett Pekar

Garrett is a sophomore mass communication/journalism major from Granger, Texas. He is the opinions page editor for The Bells. Garrett is also an RA in McLane Hall as well as member of the men’s tennis team. His hobbies include spending quality time with friends and family, listening to music and playing some of his own on the guitar.

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