Making resolutions that will stick the year

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New Year’s resolution number one: get in shape.

It has recently come to my attention that I have been gaining some weight, and, if this continues, I will become what I have affectionately dubbed a “fatty-fat-fatty.”

As such, it might be time to start going to the gym. It couldn’t hurt to exercise a couple of times a week, and it would sure help fix some of the flab. Heck, even jogging around the neighborhood will fight some of the problem. The year can only look up from then on.

New Year’s resolution number two: get the courage to get a girlfriend by the end of the year. I have always had trouble talking to girls, but the main problem actually corresponds to resolution number one. After all, it would be hard getting a date if I eventually evolve into a rolling ball of fat.

This, of course, brings me to New Year’s resolution number three: remember. Remember the reason why the fight is worth it. Remember why it’s OK to fail at the little things in life sometimes. Remember why everything will be all right in the end: the new beginning we’ve all been given in Christ.

Last Sunday I taught a Bible lesson on this same subject to the youth group I work with at church, and I think it hit me stronger than it did the children. It made me think about where I was going with my life and whether or not I wanted to continue down the road I was on.

I took a step back and took a long, hard look at my life. I saw where I stood in my home life, my schooling and my chosen career field. I thought about where I stood in my faith and where I was heading.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, some bigger than others, but most of them weren’t that bad, and I always had help overcoming them. Friends and family were there for me, and I realized I had a great group of people I could rely on, including Christ.

It was a wake-up moment. I realized I don’t think about my faith much when life is going well and knew that I should. It’s necessary to be thankful every day for what I’ve been given and not just asking for it when I finally decide it’s needed. Just remembering how I’ve survived life so far is enough to prove to me that it will all work out for the best.

At midnight New Year’s Day, I raised my glass high and toasted with my family around the warm glow of a 52” plasma-screen television and made my resolutions. Usually I wind up breaking my promises about a month into the new year, but I think this time will be different.

Author: Artie Phillips

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