Volleyball plans next season

Staying positive throughout the season is what the UMHB volleyball team has been doing all season long. With a record of 10-21, having a positive mindset was what was pulling them through.

The team will be losing only one player, Erin Maenius, next season, so the women are already looking forward to a more hopeful season.

Junior defensive specialist for the team Elise Butler tries to encourage the women as they are on and off the court.

“The overall stat is not ideal, but it is a step up from last year, which is a positive. We all wish that it could have been better, but all we can do now is finish strong,” she said. “As a team, we just need to push hard from the beginning of a game and be consistent.”

This year, the practices of the team have changed from seasons past. Head Coach Kecia Davis has introduced the Lady Cru to P90X workouts. After this workout every day in the gym, the women then do regular practice that involves drills on serving, setting and spiking.

Sophomore Tina Miller goes up to the net to spike the ball. The volleyball season ended with a 10-21 overall record. Photo by Jon Wallin

Sophomore Tina Miller goes up to the net to spike the ball. The volleyball season ended with a 10-21 overall record. Photo by Jon Wallin

Defensive specialist Jasmine “Jazz” Austin said Davis is let down with how the season has turned out, and wants the Cru to figure out what they can do better to improve in the upcoming season.

“It is obvious that our coach is discouraged,” Austin said. “For the past three years around mid-season, we tend to ask ourselves the same question ‘How can we fix it?’ Our coaches decided we lose because we are not mentally tough and focused enough.”

One of the setters for the team, Anissa Garcia, knows the team could have done better this season.

“We definitely expected a better outcome, and it should have been a different outcome,” she said. “I think we can come together, and next year we will be better prepared.”

Garcia thinks the team can play better next season because they are only losing one senior this year.

Author: Stacy Fannin

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