Athletes go pro, but college is still good option

Written by Trey Hazelton, Bronson Shaw, Jarrad Jefferson, Sabrina Garcia

(This article was written in response to an Opinion Sports Column by Stacey Fannin. Click here to view the previous article.)

Talent and drive are good qualities to have, especially when opportunity arises. Most parents teach their children to use their skills to the best of their abilities and to take advantage of the life they have.

College athletes leaving school early to play at a professional level are doing just that.

Do not misunderstand; a college degree is very important to have in this society to pursue a successful and secure life, but it is not the only path.

Many athletes are coming from economically challenged backgrounds. In many cases it is important for them to start supporting their families. They may not be able to afford another year of school. Family comes before your education.

Although a large percentage of professional athletes play just for the money, you cannot assume this about all of them. Many play because they love what they do.

The entertainment business has rapidly become influential and profitable in America during the last century and especially in the last decade. In the world of sports, athletes make successful livings at the professional level.

Few college athletes even get the chance to play at this level and even fewer are given the chance to leave college early. If given the opportunity, even if it is just for a tryout, why not take it?

There are many examples of athletes who completed their degrees at their respective alma mater during their offseason. For one of the most recent and popular examples, Vince Young will work.

He declared for the NFL draft with one more year of eligibility. However, while in the NFL, he has successfully returned to Texas in his summer off-season period and graduated from The University of Texas at Austin.

People will always debate whether Division 1 collegiate athletes get away with their academic responsibilities or not.

There is obviously something suspicious about student athletes who cannot read. Most of the blame should fall on the universities that allow them to get away with it. What is the point of college athletes staying in college when they are not learning anything?

There will always be time to go back to school, but there will not be a second chance for an opportunity like this.

Staying an extra year in college to play leaves a window of opportunity for injury. Yes, the risks still exist in professional ball, but the salary remains and rehab is provided if injuries occur.

These athletes are not only justified in their decisions to go pro but are also entitled to do so. Who are we to judge people’s intentions of advancing themselves?

There are many reasons to leave college for the pros. For one, it’s the love of the game. For most of these athletes, it is what they truly love to do.

Author: The Bells Staff

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