A generation without gentlemen

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Twelfth century knights embodied courtesy, generosity and valor. Today, society has eliminated these values.

Though people cling to the belief that men should display good manners and respect toward women, many men, including some Crusaders, have yet to understand or demonstrate this concept.

Media and music today often imbue negative messages and images about women into the minds of men across the country.

Derogatory terms aimed at women appear in various musical genres, especially rap.

Most mainstream rappers use words with negative connotations to classify women. Some fans argue that this is just how the artist refers to women. Please.

A derogatory term is still an insult—no matter the context. Hurtful words still carry their true meaning, even after people try to change the original denotation.

As it becomes more common to use offensive terms to refer to women, the general respect for them declines. Constant exposure to pessimistic messages about women lower them in the eyes of men.

So when a guy takes a girl out and he does not open her door or pull her seat out, it’s OK. This becomes acceptable behavior.

Lately, singers have become obsessed with the “independent woman.” Though this seems harmless and even praiseworthy, it’s not.

Flattering a woman because she pays for both meals on dates, makes her look independent but makes the man look like a moocher. This is just another way for men to deter becoming gentlemen.

Independence is great and desired by both sexes. However, the idea that the attractive woman is the independent one eliminates the duties and responsibility of a true man. Everybody wants to be needed by their significant other —needed, not needy.

Both sexes have a role and an important part they play in a relationship. This may sound a little traditional, but it’s significant. A woman cannot be the only giver. The man has to give, too.

Real men open doors, pay for meals, work hard for their families or the future they plan to have with that amazing woman. They occasionally send flowers, too.

These attributes stick out. Men who display them embody courtesy, generosity and valor. They are not only true men but 21st century knights.

Author: Chelesea Carter

Chelesea Carter is a senior English major minoring in writing at UMHB. She is an assistant page editor for The Bells newspaper. Though she came from the small town of Caldwell, Texas, she spent most of her teenage years in Aggieland. Chelesea enjoys baking delicious goodies, reading novels and discovering new things about others. Writing about social issues allows Chelesea to share her compassion for helping others. Her life-long goal is to improve the desolate state of the world.

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