Latest thriller brings twist to a social work case

If you want to watch a movie that pulls you into the storyline within the first 15 minutes the new suspense/thriller Case 39 is a good choice .

The audience is hooked by the story of a little girl named Lily who lives with abusive parents, or so the viewers think. Academy Award winner Renee Zellweger plays Emily Jenkins, the social worker who gets Lilith Sullivan (Jodelle Ferland) out of her apparently bad situation.

And then comes the scene that really kicks the movie off.

Emily comes in on the parents trapping Lily in an oven as they try to gas and burn her.

Renee Zellweger

Little does the audience know, Lily’s dying would have been a happy ending. But 15 minutes doesn’t make for a good movie.

So Emily saves Lily and allows the little girl to  live at her house. And with this, Emily’s life drastically begins to spiral down as she starts to unravel the mystery of who and what Lily really is.

This movie definitely has the ability to make the audience jump in their seats. It also makes viewers cringe and have the urge to itch their skin as well.

One scene nearing the middle of the flick, involves the regretful death of Doug, played by The Hangover’s Bradley Cooper. In a scene that shows Lily’s personality turning from an “innocent child” Lily gets Doug to tell her his biggest fear in life, wasps.

The next time we see Doug, there are wasps coming out of places where wasps shouldn’t come, like his own ears and eyes. By telling Lily his fear, Doug seals his own doom.

I went into this movie with the mindset of not expecting much. I did not think two of the three big name actors in the movie were capable of this genre of movie, partially because I have never seen them in this sort of role.

The movie hasn’t received much publicity by commercials. In fact, the film was shot in Vancouver in late 2006 and was delayed twice before its final release date at the beginning of October. The reason for the delay has been kept unknown.

I walked into the movie with low expectations and not knowing much about the plot.However, I was continually surprised throughout the film.  In the end, I thought it was an excellent thriller.

Though Case 39 is not as chilling as Paranormal Activity or other films, people who are easily frightened should not pay $8.50. If they are not fans of demons or devil type movies then this film should be avoided.

A scene in particular toward the end of the movie shocks viewers as they watch a human turn into a demon.

An element that made it not  as creepy as most scary movies would be the setting. Usually horror films are mainly shot at night to add extra fear. However, this movie was primarily filmed in the daylight.

Although many reviews on the Internet bash the acting and the over-used plot  line of a scary little girl, the unique blend of a somewhat realistic situation and a story line full of jumps along the way gives the movie an original feel.

Though it’s not Zelwegger’s most talented role, the audience can almost feel the pain she is going through as the movie progresses.

As for Cooper, it would be better if he stayed with comedy themed movies.

This movie was fun to sit through, and I will definitely be Redboxing it.

Author: Stacy Fannin

Stacy Fannin is a junior mass communication/journalism major and is the sports editor for the newspaper. She is from Cedar Park, Texas, where she lives with her mom, little sister and adorable cat, Dusty. Stacy enjoys being with family and friends. Some of her favorite things are chocolate, Dr. Pepper, the Green Bay Packers, Texas and England. Stacy enjoys eating junk food, being around family and friends (and her cat), and talking on her phone named Jeffrey. She is a huge fan of Dr. Pepper, chocolate and of course, the Green Bay Packers!

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