Signs of Love helps Honduras

Written by Ashley Ramirez

Vista Community Church of Belton, has partnered with Signs of Love to help the deaf and the sick in villages around Honduras.

The church sent two teams to Honduras this summer.

Temple College sophomore Jefte Campos went on the first trip in June. He said that Vista helps Signs of Love financially. They contribute to the gas used while Signs of Love drives throughout the country to help the deaf in surrounding villages.

Vista also helps “aid the cause by sending people passionate about the ones who need love and help,” Campos said.

Signs of Love ministry group from the Vista Community Church gather to pray for the camp of the deaf in Honduras. (Courtesy Photo)

Senior nursing major Sarah Herriott was also part of the medical team in June. She joined the group just days before plane tickets were purchased. A woman from the church approached her after hearing Herriott had an interest in going.

“She knew I was a nursing major, and at that point they were looking for more medical people,” Herriott said.

Her decision to go had to be made quickly because the down payment of $500 was due soon. Her financial needs to go were met.

“The same afternoon that I dropped my check off for that, I got a check from my grandparents’ church for $500. Such awesome confirmation right there,” she said.

Herriott believes God allowed her to learn and experience much of His beauty and power.

“He taught me what it looks like to function as the body of Christ and how He can unify even the most diverse people to glorify His name,” she said.

Herriott also saw a miraculous healing occur during her visit to the camp.

A woman entered the clinic complaining about “swollen lymph nodes,” which was actually cancer. Herriott and two other team members prayed for the woman. One person anointed her with oil before praying for healing.

Herriott said “We opened our eyes and the bump was significantly smaller. It was a miracle. It was huge.”

Sophomore Shawn Cain went on the second trip to Honduras, where they served at a camp for the deaf.

“Our purpose was to minister to the deaf of northern Honduras. We were to help, to serve, to teach language and most importantly to love,” he said.

Cain enjoyed playing with the children. Two of the boys were Eduin and Felix.

Cain thought of the children as his while he was there, “which means I was to make sure they were doing OK, staying out of trouble and enjoying themselves,” he said.

As the team was leaving the camp, and after multiple hugs from the children, Cain looked out the window of the van and saw Eduin and Felix signing “I love you” to him.

Cain said, “In that moment, I knew beyond any doubt that the Signs of Love motto was true: ‘Love can be heard by all.’”

Those words are seen on every page of the organization’s web site, Signs of Love builds up deaf leaders, hosts camps and plants churches for the people of Honduras.

Campos, Herriott and Cain all agree that they would return again if given the opportunity.

Cain said, “Hardly a day goes by that I don’t think about them before I go to sleep or feel dreams about them fading as I wake.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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