Scary movies becoming more of a reality for viewers

What ever happened to the good ole classic scary movie? The ones where there’s a serial killer man in a mask and a house tormenting teenage kids? For the past five years or so, plot lines for scary movies have turned in an all new direction.

There was a craze for a time of seeing who could come up with the goriest flick by means of torturing people, but even that plot is now old.

M. Night Shyamalan

Story writers and film makers have recently been blowing up the box office with movies about demons, exorcisms and now even the devil. The reactions of most to watching these sorts of movies are chilling.

Scary movie plot lines seem to have gone from the unrealistic, mass murderer in your house, to realistic. Viewers of these movies are afraid because demons are out there and exorcisms do happen.

Senior marketing major Julia Bishop doesn’t enjoy watching scary movies because they remind her of the bad things in the world.

“For as much as I hate scary movies, I can watch them,” she said. “In older scary movies, it was very obvious who the bad guy was, but today it’s turned more realistic. Your neighbor next door could be a serial killer or the girl in class with you could be demon possessed.”

The Exorcism of Emily Rose could be traced to kicking off this series of movies, and  after that came The Village and Devil, both directed by M. Night Shyamalan. However, the most famous of these demonic movies would be Paranormal Activity.

Numerous students from UMHB went to see the movie the opening night at the midnight showing.

For freshman Stacy Hillin, scary movies are an enjoyment because of the suspense theyembody.

In this scene a group of people are trapped in an elevator from the supernatural thriller Devil. (MCT Campus)

“Watching movies about demons and things like that doesn’t bother me because I know that the content isn’t real,” Hillin said. “It’s just like movies about aliens and science fiction. It’s entertaining because it’s fake.”

Hillin said that if you feel affected by the storyline of the film, simply don’t watch it.

However, with the sudden population of demonic flicks comes with some Christians not wanting to see them because of what they are about.

Sophomore Rudy Nerio believes that Christians shouldn’t be scared to watch these movies just because of what the movie may or may not represent.

He said, “I think that it’s OK for Christians to see scary movies because if they have a strong faith already, they should not be affected by anything that happens in the movie.”

Author: Stacy Fannin

Stacy Fannin is a junior mass communication/journalism major and is the sports editor for the newspaper. She is from Cedar Park, Texas, where she lives with her mom, little sister and adorable cat, Dusty. Stacy enjoys being with family and friends. Some of her favorite things are chocolate, Dr. Pepper, the Green Bay Packers, Texas and England. Stacy enjoys eating junk food, being around family and friends (and her cat), and talking on her phone named Jeffrey. She is a huge fan of Dr. Pepper, chocolate and of course, the Green Bay Packers!

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