McLane men host big competition

Decked out in orange, pink, blue, red, green and white, the McLane men prepared for some serious competition. Some even sported face paint as a sign of their team pride and readiness to dominate.

For the third year, McLane Hall held Color Wars Sept. 13-16, a competition to see which dorm wing was the overall best in volleyball, dodge ball, Family Feud and certain  knowledge competitions.

Best of the best

“Well, the general idea is that (McLane) won Hall Wars, so we already know we’re the best. Now we’re competing to see who is the best in McLane,” junior Christian studies major and resident assistant Percy Hudson said.

McLane residents Zachary Raygoza, left, and Jorge Lopez paint up for Color Wars. Photo by Brittany Montgomery

He is captain of the orange team, which consists of several men in his hall. Each competed against the others for consecutive nights with the events covering several skill areas.

“It’s four nights with different competitions each night. Whoever wins the most nights becomes the victor,” Hudson said.

His high hopes for his team this year were evident as he said, “We’re going to win it all.”

Many McLane residents discovered new friendships through the competitiveness.

Hudson said, “It’s definitely been a huge bonding experience, not so much for the wings but more for the residence hall as a whole.”

Even though this is the third year for Color Wars, not everything was the same as it had been before.

“This year the biggest difference is the advertising budget that each wing was given for posters and colored paper. This boosted the amount of attendees at Color Wars overall,” he said.

Competition heats up

The dodge ball tournament was similar to a single-elimination style with the winner of each round advancing to play another winning team until the green team dominated in the final round.

Tuesday night’s Family Feud ended with the blue team victorious. Wednesday was an intense night of knowledge competitions, and the red team proved the brightest.

Thursday wrapped up the events with a final athletic competition of volleyball. The green team bumped, set and spiked it better than all the others and won the tournament.

Freshman math major Seth Obey participated in Color Wars for the first time this year as a part of the red team. He was excited to compete with the other halls not just in sports but in other areas as well.

“I’m looking forward to seeing which hall is the most skilled in the physical and mental challenges,” he said, “and, obviously, we’re the best.”

With different types of events, the playing field was level and gave a better judgment of which team is truly the top dog.

The McLane resident assistants were in charge of organizing the events as well as coordinating people to act as referees during the games.

Senior Christian studies major Edwin Robinson was one of those referees for the dodge ball tournament.

“I liked blowing my whistle,” he said of the experience.

He observed several teams as they played and looked not only for rule breakers but also at the team’s skill levels.

Final results

In the end, the blue team was too much for the others. The resident assistants chose the prize for the winning team.

Hudson said, “The prize is, of course, bragging rights. Also, we are giving a personal visitation for the winning wing that no other wing gets and this visitation will have food provided.”

Author: Brittany Montgomery

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