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Written by Dylan Pribilski

Acquiring a higher education is a daunting task, but getting employed with just the credentials earned in college is far more difficult for some. What can a student do to avoid these hurdles?

Career Services on the second floor of Mabee Academic Center is one of the best resources students have for acquiring experience and getting their careers on track.

The department networks through professors, employers and even students themselves to find new internship openings. It helps students organize their documents such as resumes, and presents them to the employers for consideration.

Don R. Owens has been director of Career Services for nearly 10 years.

When referring to students’ experience, Owen said, “Internships are priceless opportunities for them to get real world exposure on how business is conducted in their various majors.”

Owens said his department is not always the first or final stop for a student seeking an internship. But some students have a tremendous amount of faith in the department, simply because it got them on the right track.

Senior computer graphics and design major Joshua Benitez is one. He was recently hired into an internship that was networked through Career Services.

“First Baptist Church in Belton contacted Career Services with an opening. They contacted my professor, my professor contacted me. I applied the next day and within a week had the position locked down,” he said.

Benitez commented on the convenience and ease with which he acquired his internship.

“With the university in such a tight community, it’s no surprise that companies gather students from this campus.”

Senior computer graphics and design major Chris Wilson also had success with Career Services. His goals of becoming well versed in the real-world dealings of his major are being realized through his internship at Quick Copy in Temple.

Much like Benitez, Wilson was referred to the position by a professor. His hunt for an internship ended within three weeks of applying.

Across the country the National Association for Colleges and Employers has done a survey that said 58 percent of students in internships who were surveyed experienced being hired faster and starting at a higher rate of compensation.

Career Services is doing its part to help students get the experience they need to succeed in their job market.

Wilson said, “It’s very helpful when you have someone there to have your back, and actually look out for you, when you’re trying to find these jobs.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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