Library updates, recent additions take place over summer vacation

Townsend Memorial Library experienced several changes over summer break, not only making it more welcoming to students and providing better resources but also giving students access to forms of entertainment.

Some of the changes are evident, such as the new designated study areas and furniture.

“In the past the lower level was the quiet area, and that doesn’t make a lot of sense, so basically what we’ve done is we’ve flip-flopped it, and now upstairs will be your quiet study area,” Assistant Professor and Librarian Anne Price said.

The changes are intended to create a more conducive environment for students to study. The new furniture, like the bean bag chairs, is complemented with portable white boards that can be used as study aids for groups.

Junior computer science major Trevor Ash studies on a bean bag, a new addition to Townsend Memorial Library. Photo by Britanny Montgomery

Junior computer science major Trevor Ash studies on a bean bag, a new addition to Townsend Memorial Library. Photo by Britanny Montgomery

Even though the physical differences are noteworthy, the biggest changes in the library this year are the online resources that are now available.

Mango, a language program, is expected to be used frequently because of its many applications.

Kathy Harden, librarian in charge of References and Electronic Services, said Mango is great because, “It reaches all disciplines and a lot of students …. Over 45 language courses are available online including ESL, so not only does it benefit students going to different countries through the Baptist Student Ministry, but it also benefits ESL students.”

Mango also provides the opportunity for personal accounts for those more serious about learning a language.

“You can create your own personal login with Mango so it remembers you …. You can create a profile to track your progress with your e-mail address and your password,” Harden said.

She is also glad the library now offers Project Muse for students and professors, after many people asked about getting it last year.

“It’s peer-reviewed scholarly journals with a primary emphasis in the humanities and social sciences areas, but it reaches across all the disciplines,” she said.

A music database has been added that is both a form of entertainment and a resource for some.

“Naxos Music Library is a collection of more than 40,000 classical music discs (and) more than 500,000 tracks,” Harden said.

“Even though it contains such a massive amount of music, it’s still user friendly because of its multifaceted search capability,” she said.“You can find music by a certain composer, by a time frame, or even a specific label.”

Another new feature of the library that changed is its hours. It is open nine more hours than it was in the spring. The doors are now open until 1 a.m. Sunday through Thursday nights and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays.

Other small changes include more popular movies for checkout and a Facebook page.

Price said, “We have WOW Wednesdays, which is word of the week, and we post a brand new word to the Facebook page every Wednesday.”

Junior computer science major Trevor Ash, like many students, spends many hours studying in the library and enjoys the new comfortable atmosphere.

He said, “I like that they’re trying to make it more homey and the hours work better for a college lifestyle.”

Author: Brittany Montgomery

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