Students elect new officers for upcoming year

The 2010-2011 Student Government Association positions have been filled.

Current junior class president and youth ministry major Bethany Carter will carry her job into her senior year as president.

Senior Class President Christian studies major Geoff Payne has some advice for Carter.

“Have fun,” he said. “It’s not worth it if you’re not having fun.”

Carter said holding the position will be an honor.

“The robing and ring ceremony really gave me an appreciation for the role which I am entrusted,” she said. “I feel very thankful and blessed for the opportunity, and I am definitely a little nervous in filling Geoff’s shoes. He did a great job this past year.”

Payne said he has confidence in all the newly elected officers.

“I think they’ll do just fine,” he said. “Rebecca O’Banion did a wonderful job teaching me all the things I needed to know for my position. Plus we really pioneered a new way of event planning for SGA …” he said.

Payne is proud of the current senior class that he served.

“I think we did a good job of finding a connection between our new university president and the student body,” he said.

“We had a lot of ideas about how to make Senior Week bigger and more special for the students, but we never got to see any of those ideas come to fruition. Hopefully, next year the senior class officers can.”

Sophomore math education major Shaina Ryan will become the new junior class president. Ryan said she is excited to serve.

“I have been working toward moving up in SGA for the past year, and I have had a lot of help from current sophomore class offi cers to prepare me for this role.

“I love the Student Government Association at UMHB, and I feel that by being junior class president I will be able to support the organization in a big way,” she said.

One of the responsibilities of junior class is to sponsor homecoming. Carter said the new junior class will have to “hit the ground running,” on the plans.

“My advice would be to start soon and fast,” Carter said.

“Homecoming is even earlier next year, so they only have about a month to plan it when they get back. I would also say set clear limitations. They might not get everything they want out of Homecoming, but it’s not a failure if they don’t.”

She also advises the junior class to hold its ground with the upperclassmen.

“Don’t let the seniors scare you and push you around,” Carter said. “You’re in charge. They can handle it.”

Ryan said her goal for the new junior class is unity.

“I feel that there is a big gap between SGA and the rest of the student body, and I think it would be really great to fill that,” she said.

“We are just students who are representatives of our peers in the student government, and we want our role to be one that is efficient and valuable. Without unity of the class, we won’t hear of concerns they have, and that
could cause certain issues to go unnoticed.”

The new sophomore class president will be filled by freshman social work major Caitlin Hiett.

“I enjoyed SGA so much this last year and I am very glad to have the chance to continue…” she said. “All the people I have met through this experience have made this year one of the best years of my life. I cannot say thank you
enough for allowing me to be sophomore class president next year. It is going to be an amazing experience and I am looking forward to it.”

Hiett said her goal for the new sophomore class is to become more involved.

“I want the students to know that we are here for them,” she said. “If they want something changed … they should not hesitate to come talk to someone on the senate, and we will do the best that we can to resolve the problem.”

Hiett said she advises the future freshman class to plug into the many different opportunities on campus.

“I would highly encourage them to do Welcome Week and go to the fair. They
(UMHB) have with all the organizations out there and if any strike your interest, sign up for it. I sincerely believe that there is some organization
here for everyone.”

Carter is confident in all the new officers.

“I hope that we arise to the challenge of student leadership,” she said. “I remember the senior class my freshman year, and how driven and responsible they were. They took their responsibilities seriously and really set an example for all of the underclassmen. That’s what I want for this senior class SGA.”

Carter said she does not want the association to be known as slackers.

“I want us to be known as the class that took on the robe of leadership and got things done.”

Author: Mary Beth Kelton

I am a senior at UMHB and loving it! I am the features editor for The Bells and I also intern at the Temple Chamber of Commerce. I transferred to UMHB fall 2008 and God has done so many amazing things with my life. I am excited to graduate in May but more excited about the next two semesters and the memories that I will gain. I plan to continue my education by obtaining a masters degree in sociology after graduation unless I am somehow blessed with a job.

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