Is sex addiction real?

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By Sarah Sattelberg

Accountability for one’s actions seems to be lost in today’s society. Many appear to believe they can act however they wish with no consequences for poor moral choices. Some blame their inexcusable behavior on addictions.

Tiger Woods and Jesse James say their extramarital affairs were caused by a sex addiction. This leaves questions: Is this a true medical or mental health issue or a way not to answer for their wrongdoing?

Addiction is typically considered chemical dependence on a drug substance.
When addicts don’t have a fix, they go through withdrawal. A lack of promiscuous acts cannot make an individual physically ill.

Woods has been a role model for many young Americans. He appeared to be the picture of perfection on and off the golf course. When he fell from his pedestal, the real man came out through the slew of women he had bedded.

His stint in rehab and apology appear to be sincere. One nagging problem
lingers. A monetary interest was at stake, so was his speech heartfelt or wallet felt?

Jesse James was not an athlete but the cool guy married to the sweetheart of the big screen, Sandra Bullock. When the skeletons came tumbling out of his closet, he admitted only a small amount of wrongdoing.

His stint in therapy was short lived as he left when Bullock would not take his calls. It would seem he cares little about whom he hurt.

These men are not the first nor will they be the last to blame their poor choices on something they supposedly cannot control. What does this cycle of behavior say to the youth of the country?

Soon anyone will be able to blame any socially unacceptable behavior on mental illness.

Coddling is the new method of discipline. Excuses make everything better.
The next generation will lack any moral compass if role models like Woods and James are not culpable for their sins.

Saying you’re sorry and checking into rehab does not make up for cheating on your spouse with strippers and porn stars.

Excuses do not equate to remorse. Rehab does not mean that one is clean.
Blaming a nonexistent medical problem for a moral failure makes the incident all the more disgusting.

No one should take Woods’ apology at face value. Actions speak louder than words, and this former fan is waiting for him to show his true colors.

Author: The Bells Staff

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