Internships Provide Opportunity May Lead To Future Employment

For some students, summer means lounging around on Facebook or taking trips to the beach, but for others it is a time to advance in the work field.

Junior sport management major Kurt Messenger is ecstatic as he prepares for his summer internship working as a training camp assistant and coach’s assistant for the Houston Texans.

“I am most excited about just working around all the athletes and the coaches. That is what I want to be; I want to be a coach,” he said.

Though he is thrilled about the opportunity, he is also apprehensive about his work schedule. In one month’s time of interning, he will complete most of the 300 hours required for his major.

The process of getting the internship went smoothly thanks to family friend Mac Brown, head coach of the University of Texas Longhorns.

“I had a couple of contacts, just through networking and meeting people. Mac Brown was a close family friend of ours …. His grandfather coached my grandfather in high school. We have known each other through the family for

Jessica Rivas will be working with women and children in New Dehli, India, this summer on a mission trip.

Jessica Rivas will be working with women and children in New Dehli, India, this summer on a mission trip. Photo by Brittany Montgomery

awhile,” he said.

Brown got Messenger in touch with Bobby Douglas, who owns Douglas Shoulder Pads, a company that distributes to every NFL team.

“Bobby called me and said, ‘Hey, I can get you something with the Detroit Lions, the Green Bay Packers, the Dallas Cowboys, the Houston Texans or the Tennessee Titans.’ He had closest contacts with the Texans. I sent them my sports bio and my resume, and I got it,” Messenger said.

He knows that the internship will provide front row training on coaching, as well as be a good thing to tell future employers.

“Hopefully that will get my foot in the door somewhere,” he said.

Messenger is not the only student who is ready for what this summer has in store. Sophomore Christian ministry major Caleb Camp will spend his vacation at a local church.

“This summer I will be working as a youth intern at Canyon Creek Baptist Church with Trey Bledsoe. That just generally involves disciple(ship), teaching and leading worship.”

Camp has been an intern with the church since August and plans to continue into the summer. He is excited to work with the youth.

“I am most looking forward to just being able to really start to build a leadership group and to get them focused, and to put more structure into that group,” he said.

This is Camp’s second internship, and he plans to continue his work with the church until he graduates.

Junior marketing major Julia Bishop is taking advantage of her time by switching from a current internship with State Farm Insurance to a summer one with Scott & White.

Through a 10-week program, she will be trained and expected to do a project and presentation for the bone marrow program.

Bishop said she is hoping to find affirmation through this experience that marketing is where she needs to be.

“I am most looking forward to the learning, and if this is really what I am meant to do or want to do,” she said.

Despite her excitement, Bishop is anxious about working with undergraduates from other schools in the program.

“There are students from Baylor and A&M, so … I want to be able to keep up and be with them and not fall behind.”

Bishop said her internships are not paid, but the money is not what’s important to her. She believes the experience will be more valuable and an asset to her resume.

Bishop encourages students from all departments to find summer prospects for furthering their career possibilities.

She said, “Internships are good. It is all about the experience nowadays. GPAs are good, but experience is what (employers) look for, especially in business. It’s all about the experience and connections. You need to do internships in any major, I believe.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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