Animation outshines most other film styles

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By Emily Keahey

Action movies no longer rule the box office, but neither do thrillers, horrors or romantic comedies.

The movies that are the most impressive are the animated films. These cartoons should no longer be thought of as for kids only.

Compare two movies that recently premiered in theatres: The Clash of the Titans and How to Train your Dragon. The action-packed mythological movie, Clash, was highly publicized and had quite a few big name stars in it,
but the film is a huge disappointment.

The story line is flat, the acting is so-so, and the supposedly awesome Kraken, is lame.

On the other hand, the animated movie, How to Train your Dragon, about a young Viking is absolutely amazing. The story line appeals to viewers of any age, the characters are both humorous and engaging and, personally, I left the theater wanting a pet dragon like Hiccup.

With the increase in 3-D films it is no surprise that both of these movies took advantage of the newest Hollywood trend; but what is surprising is that How to Train your Dragon was far superior in that category as well. In fact, in most cases the animated films are much better in 3-D than live, action movies.

Another reason why live action movies are becoming increasingly disappointing could be because the acting is lacking. It seems that it
is becoming easier to leave the theater and find an actor’s or actress’ performance completely unconvincing.

Animation movies do not have this problem because whatever emotion the character displays is going to be believable because it is, after all, a cartoon.

Live movies are just not producing the same level of material that the animated movies are. With the release of Up, 9 and The Princess and the Frog, animation stole the box offi ce. In fact, Time magazine’s top three movies of 2009 were all animated.

The highly anticipated live movies like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Jennifer’s Body and Land of the Lost were a complete waste of time, money and brain cells.

Animated movies are not only appropriate for children to see, which is becoming increasingly more difficult to find today, but even the most cynical college student could find enjoyment as they watch them. The animated movies are fun and give older viewers a glimpse back at their childhood and the innocence and simplicity that surrounded it.

It would be a lie to say that there have not been any live movies to come out recently that were not good, but in comparison to the animated movies, they just do not compete.

Animated movies have stepped up tremendously in recent years, and have won the hearts of viewers of all ages.

Author: The Bells Staff

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