Alice in Wonderland – Up to the hype?

For a movie that did so well at the box office, the new Alice in Wonderland movie was just mediocre. Yes, there were some aspects of it that made it a good movie, but ultimately, the storyline left something to be desired.

Granted, I have never seen the original Disney cartoon version, so that is probably why I didn’t like this new one.

One of the two things this movie had going for it was the graphics. From the Red Queen ­– played by Helena Bonham Carter – and her massive head to the beautiful array of colors, the visual effects definitely helped this movie.

And, of course, the acting was phenomenal. Who could not like Johnny Depp’s performance as the Mad Hatter? I love Depp and everything he has ever done, because he is an amazing actor. And he is amazing in this movie as well. When the audience is introduced to his character, I was creeped out by him and all his antics as the Hatter. But as the movie progresses the audience comes to love the Hatter for all the aid he gives Alice.

Will I ever see this movie again? Probably not. But am I happy that I saw it? Yes. Maybe I’m just waiting to find a Tim Burton movie that is better than The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I’m beginning to realize that Burton can’t top that classic.

Author: Stacy Fannin

Stacy Fannin is a junior mass communication/journalism major and is the sports editor for the newspaper. She is from Cedar Park, Texas, where she lives with her mom, little sister and adorable cat, Dusty. Stacy enjoys being with family and friends. Some of her favorite things are chocolate, Dr. Pepper, the Green Bay Packers, Texas and England. Stacy enjoys eating junk food, being around family and friends (and her cat), and talking on her phone named Jeffrey. She is a huge fan of Dr. Pepper, chocolate and of course, the Green Bay Packers!

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