Free rent for summer class

By Anna Jauregui

Big chances to save some money will come to students who chose to take
classes on campus this summer.

Dr. Steve Theodore, senior vice president for administration and chief operating officer, sent information regarding housing changes for the approaching summer sessions to students through their sadermail accounts at the end of last semester, and some students will take advantage of the opportunity.

The change is that those who enroll in and complete a total of six hours or
more in coursework during the May term, Summer I or Summer II will be allowed to live in campus apartments rent free during those months.

Donna Plank, associate dean of students and director of residence life said
charges for housing will be credited to the student’s account after their completion of at least six hours during the summer sessions.

“A student who is planning to take a May term class and a summer II class can apply to live in housing for all three available terms, May term, summer I and summer II, and will not have a charge for housing as long as six hours are completed sometime during the summer,” Plank said.

The offer does include all apartments on campus.

Plank said, “Summer housing applications will be available in the Residence
Life Office by March 1, and anyone interested in living on campus this summer must complete an application. The application will ask for information about summer classes the student plans to take.”

This offer does not apply to students receiving tuition remission, although it
is available to all incoming freshmen who do not fall into the category.

“Someone who wants to live in housing during the summer can still do so even if he or she doesn’t plan to enroll in classes. The normal summer housing rates would apply, and anyone planning to do this would also fill out the summer housing application.” Plank said.

For many students like junior cell biology and Spanish major Victoria Meadows, summer classes are benefi cial because the time seems to go by faster than the usual spring or fall semesters.

She said,“It was great. I really liked being able to take care of an entire class
in just a month.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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