Controversial bill could pass

The job creation bill is getting closer to passing, according to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) Many Republicans disagree, as they are pulling their support from the supposedly bipartisan bill according to the AP.

The bill was scaled back from $85 billion to $15 billion after Democrats complained that it helped large companies too much and the unemployed too little. When so much of the money left, so did many Republicans.

Director of Career Services Don Owens has been watching the job market as he prepares students for their futures. While hiring fell greatly last year and has recovered only partially since, Owens says graduates are not in that great of peril.

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“We are at a 10 percent unemployment rate, which we have not seen in a long time,” he said. “But that higher education gives you a leap pad over everyone else. You’re going to have some advantages, but still it is hard work.”

The bill is a top priority for the Obama administration, and its passing is important for Democrats going into the midterm elections. They have
already lost the super majority with the addition of Republican Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts. Many have felt that the Democratic congress has been unproductive. Others view the Republicans as being uncooperative. Regardless of opinion, unemployment is a problem in America.

Senior education major Beth Koinm is moving to Atlanta after graduation and will need a job.

“In a way, I’m worried, probably because I’m going to another state,” she said. “There (were) a lot of people that graduated from here that didn’t get jobs so I worry about why would they choose me.”

Koinm thinks increased government assistance would be beneficial to her field.

“A lot of older teachers who are planning to retire are not retiring because of the economy,” she said. “I think they should push younger people because we know more about technology and education philosophies.”

Owens has advice for students as they face the market.

“You’ve got to have a good resume and make sure you have good credentials. Especially if you’re a sophomore you need to get into internships and make good grades that set you apart,” he said. “You’re not just competing against your classmates but against a workforce globally.”

Freshman computer graphics design major Dillon Mogford thinks technology is the key to his success.

“As a graphic design major you learn more than just graphic design. You also learn Web mastering, video stuff and things like that,” he said. “The future seems to be in technology. So with a job that is technology based, I feel rather confident in getting a job one day.”

The Obama administration hopes the bill will assist companies looking to expand and hire people with new skills similar to Mogford’s.

According to United Press International, the smaller bill may still woo Republicans as it is discussed this week. Reid will need some support from the opposing party to reach 60 votes.

Author: Evan Duncan

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