Pageant centers on humanity

The Wednesday before Easter, Luther Memorial transforms into the setting for a play about Jesus’ death and resurrection. This year’s Easter Pageant’s theme is humanity.

Senior recreational leadership major Dennis Greeson, who will play Jesus, says the emphasis is that, “Jesus was relational. He didn’t set up programs or steps, it was more than him becoming a person.”

The cast of Easter Pageant this year feels the deep need to portray the relationships found in the Bible and include others in what they are learning. For each role, there is a different perspective on the story and how it might have been in Jesus’ time.

Senior Christian ministry major Daphne Davies, who is playing Mary, says

Senior recreational leadership major Dennis Greeson, playing Jesus, practices with the cast.

Senior recreational leadership major Dennis Greeson, playing Jesus, practices with the cast. Photo by Brittany Montgomery

the involvement has opened her eyes to a deeper understanding of the Word.

“It has helped me to identify with (Scripture) on a different level. I wonder about all the in-between parts. I don’t know if she ever had moments of doubt. It made everything very personal, and I can’t help but think of Mary’s perspective,” she said.

Greeson understands Jesus’ role and importance more than ever. While acting out the scenes and quoting Jesus, he is learning to think more about the gravity and meaning of Jesus’ words and actions.

“It’s more than having a cognitive insight. It is emotional, and it blows my mind,” he said.

The cast is learning the best way to minister to students on campus and the community.

Greeson said, “We really want to be intentional of the impact of Easter Pageant, and we do that through relationships. That’s the best way.”

Davies is thankful for the opportunity to be involved and amazed at how the university consistently supports such a big production.

“It’s cool to think about all the different things that our campus does, and this is the one event that we don’t make any money off of, that’s free to whoever is involved, and free for whoever comes, and there’s no other purpose than to proclaim Christ with nothing in return,” she said.

While preparing for Easter Pageant, the cast is hoping to get others involved. Several spots are still open for people in the crowd, and Davies thinks this is an opportunity to be challenged.

“Whether you are a hard, fast seeker of Christ or a skeptic, being involved takes you straight to the front lines of Christ’s life. In either perspective it’s a chance to grow, to learn, and to know His life.”

Junior communication major and Pageant Director Brandon Brewer thinks this exceeds all his other involvements on campus.

“It’s by far the best reward I’ve gotten ever, and I’ve done a lot of stuff on campus. It’s so much fun just living the Bible,” he said.

Greeson and Davies both agree with Brewer that participation in Easter Pageant impacts a life.

Greeson said, “Get involved so that you can experience it. Experience
the Gospel in a way that you never have before.”

Author: Brittany Montgomery

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